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If need your essays taken care of, weeklyessay.com will be there to assist you. So, don’t hesitate to contact this service as I did. At first, I must admit that I was skeptical because I haven’t used this kind of service before, however, they’ve got the best customer support that will guide you through the entire process. However, in order to share my full experience with you in detail, I’ve decided to rate this service’s quality, services, prices, support, delivery, and final outcome on a scale from 1 to 10 just to help you decide whether this is the service you’re looking for too.

Quality: 10

I started with quality because I was very surprised by the final result. I’m a college student, and I’ve asked for their help with two essays. I honestly thought that this is just one of those lousy services that provide copied work and that I was going to end up disappointed. However, the opposite happened. The minute I received the work, I run a plagiarism check to see if they scammed me or not. And they didn’t. I got what I paid for. And on top of all, it seems like I wrote it. I’m so happy that Weeklyessay.com was my first experience with this type of services because if they tried to scam me, I was never going to use online services like this again. Of course, before hiring one of their professionals, I went through their reviews. Most were positive but you know you can’t believe anything you read on the internet these days, yet I decided to give them a chance. And honestly, I don’t regret it. And yes, I’m going to do it again in the future because thanks to this service, I got the grade that I was hoping to get.

Services: 8

I gave their services a solid 8 because I had a hard time finding what I need in their many. However, once I did, everything went smooth. They have their own essay writers who can assist you and dedicate their time only on you as their client. I needed to get my essays done immediately. However, I wasn’t sure if they can meet the deadline. And they actually did. I only needed to let the writer know that I needed the essays in a short amount of time and entitle my request with “immediately” or something (you can check more about this on weeklyessay.com) because I don’t remember the exact word. So, yes, I’m pleased with their service too because my professor never recognized that the work wasn’t written by me. In the weeklyessay.com reviews, previous customers mentioned something about this, however, I was skeptical about this part too. How can their professional writer write my essay and make it look like I did it? Actually, the writer picked up my writing style and it really looked like I wrote it. However, before giving weeklyessay.com a chance yourself, I recommend you read more reviews just to make sure they will meet your expectations. Or contact their support if you have any specific questions. Just go through their reviews as I did and trust your instinct.

Prices: 9

So far, you probably noticed that I was skeptical about everything before I gave weeklyessay.com a chance to help me out. Starting from the quality of the essays, to plagiarism, to service, to price. So, I’ve done my research, went through other reviews of other similar services and I found out that weeklyessay.com has fair prices. In fact, they’re one of the rare ones offering high quality at a fair price. While reading other reviews, I found out that most services focus on taking your money and provide lousy work in return. I’m happy that weeklyessay.com wasn’t one of them and I actually got what I paid for. You probably wonder why I gave 9. Well, as I mentioned, I needed my essays done ASAP, so I went for the more expensive option but we all know that time is money. And sometimes you have to pay extra to get a better quality on time.

Support: 10

Weeklyessay.com has a great support. I’m telling you as a first time customer with no previous experience with services like this. And I was pleasantly surprised that they treated me with respect and patience while guiding me through the entire process. I can be annoying because I want to be fully informed before I pay for something online and they actually managed to deal with my anxiety and ensure me that I will get both essays done before the deadline, plagiarism-free. And they kept their promise.

Delivery: 10

As I said, they delivered the papers on time. And they also mentioned that I have 10 days to ask for a revision, for FREE, so that was a relief because I didn’t know if I was going to like the work they’ve done for me. Luckily, I didn’t need to ask for revisions.

Overall Experience: 9.4

Honestly, I’ve said everything I have to say about weeklyessay.com in my review. I warmly recommend it to my colleagues and I hope you get the same experience as me if you decide to give this service a chance. 100% original work, delivered on time, good prices and you get 10 days to ask for revisions. What more could you possibly ask for?















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