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Quality: 4

The paper was not at all what I wanted. I needed a 500 word paper on how Louis Pasteur proved that bacteria existed. Instead what I got was an essay on the history of Louis Pasteur. This is not what I needed. Contrary to what the reviews said, the writing was nothing impressive. In fact I probably could have written the paper myself and it would’ve been better. What a major disappointment (hence I’m venting by writing this review.)

Services: 1

This one really upset me. The customwritings writer who was assigned my essay was very unprofessional. Don’t get me wrong, he finished the paper when he was supposed to (as all the reviews said they would) but he gave me the wrong paper! And then when I confronted him about it he was quick to blame me! He said that he had followed my instructions (which is not the case because I said that I needed a detailed explanation of Pasteur’s experiment and there’s barely a sentence of it mentioned in my essay.) I really didn’t like that he didn’t take responsibility for his error. I ended up having to re-write the essay myself and lose sleep! I wish that I had read more reviews about before I had committed my money.

Prices: 2

Customwritings’ pricing system was really disappointing. In my case I only needed a 500 word essay but I was forced to choose to pay for a 550 word essay! What was I supposed to do with the remaining 50 words? In my case it was for my Master’s so it was quite expensive given the shoddy product I was handed. Not one review mentioned the pricing so I guess that they are priced fairly but there was no way to customize it to what I needed. That’s why I’ll give this a 2 on my review.

Support: 3

The customer service team could’ve done a better job. First of all they took forever to get back to me. This was particularly unfortunate because I needed the paper done for the next day. You see, I had contacted originally because I had completely forgotten about this essay until I only had a day left. I had quickly read up on some reviews (which were all positive) and then signed up for their services. So when I first got the wrong paper and then had to wait 48 hours until I received a response from the customer service team…I was furious! Needless to say I ended up having to write the paper myself at the last minute. The only reason I’m not giving support a ‘1’ in my review is because they were polite and came across as understanding.

Delivery: 4

The delivery was okay enough. It was delivered in a .zip file along with my initial instructions. It just felt passionless and devoid of human touch. I honestly felt like the writer didn’t even want to do my paper. I knew that my particular topic wasn’t the most interesting (another one of my reasons for having delegated it) but he could’ve at least pretended. I’ll mark this as subpar in my review.

Overall: 2.8

What can I say? I’m disappointed in customwritings to say the least. Most of the reviews that I have read were positive. I ultimately didn’t get the product I wanted. Customer service was slow and unresponsive. The writer was unprofessional in how he handled his mistake. I honestly wish that I wasn’t in such a desperate situation at the time. Next time I’ll make sure to give myself more time before choosing an essay-writing company.













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            • barack says:

              man, obviously sucks, I asked them to write my essay fast, within 8 hours or so because I was playing PUBG with my friends and completely forgot that I have an essay due tomorrow. They said OK but charged me more. I didn’t have anything else to do but to pay them. And what do you know? They were late, I failed. Will never order from them again.

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