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Quality: 6

The paper I ordered from was pretty good. I think the writer tried his very best and followed everything I asked for. I ended up getting a good grade on this project. I was thinking I would have received a perfect essay that blew my instructor away. Well, the paper wasn’t perfect, but it was very well written. I’m satisfied with the paper.

Services: 6

I needed a custom-made paper for my English class. The assignment required me to analyze a specific poem. I knew it would be a challenge. English is not my strong subject at all, and I’m not the best when it comes to poetry. That’s why I turned to The website promises great quality, decent prices, prompt delivery, and unlimited support. The website layout is easy to navigate also. The site also has reviews posted from previous clients. Of course, all of the reviews shown were positive, which eased my worries a bit. When I placed my order, the writer told me that this job would be easy to complete. He said he would be delighted to take on my project.

Prices: 5

I found the cost of this paper to be on the pricey side. But it honestly was what I expected. I knew that I needed my paper done in a hurry, so I was willing to pay the cost. At the time, I was only focused on getting this complete so that I could get my grade and be done with it. It didn’t even bother me that I had to pinch pennies to get this service done. I am a broke college student after all. But I had faith in this company, so I was willing to pay. states that their prices are very competitive. I’m not sure what the going rate is. I think the prices could be cheaper. But then again, cheaper prices might mean poorer quality.

Support: 5

I honestly knew exactly what I wanted and needed, so I didn’t find myself turning to support that often. But all of my questions and concerns were answered quickly and professionally. I had a clear understanding of all the answers. The customer service was great, but I wasn’t exactly blown away. I was pleased that the writer had a complete understanding of my needs. They asked me a few questions about how I needed my paper formatted. I was able to answer them. So generally, there was good communication between myself and the team. I appreciated that.

Delivery: 6

My paper was delivered on time, which was great. I was expecting it early in the morning, but it was delivered at noon on the promised due date. That’s ok, because I was still able to submit it on time to my professor. I felt a sense of relief when this assignment was delivered to me. It meant that the paper was complete and I could finally relax. The delivery was the part of the I was most impressed with. And that’s because receiving my order made me feel relaxed and that the job was done.

Overall: 5.6

I’m leaving a neutral review for I’m happy that I received my paper on time. It was satisfactory, but not mind-blowing. But I suspect that’s because my hopes were higher than what they should have been. Also, I could have used a lower price, but because the service wasn’t bad, I don’t mind. I wouldn’t mind using this service again, however I feel there may be other companies that might offer higher quality papers. Things here were mediocre but they worked.













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            • Jackie says:

              Hey guys, I’ve read a lot of reviews about, some of them are positive, some are negative. This one is neutral so I want to know your opinion. Has anyone ordered from them?

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