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This is a review of that shows the services they offer as an online writing service for students.

Quality (2)

I am writing this review to detail my experience with using this writing service. As a student, I chose this company after I read a lot of reviews online about it. These reviews didn’t show that was the best, but I was optimistic that they might be wrong. They weren’t! I had a very bad experience with that I want all students to be aware of. The paper that I received from them was written in very poor quality that was no way done by a professional writer. There were several grammar mistakes and poor flow that just showed they spent very little time on it. I was very disappointed with these results, and this was just the start of my bad experience with BuyEssayClub.

Services (3)

The services that offers are varied which allows you to have a variety of assignments done by this company. I am not really impressed with this as you can tell by this review as they are delivered in poor quality, so it doesn’t do you any good. There is no way that you can turn these assignments into your professor, so there is no point in using

Prices (1)

I saw in many of the reviews that I read that they were affordable. This couldn’t be farther from the truth in my experience. I don’t know where these reviews got their information as the prices for BuyEssayClub are quite expensive. At first, I was OK paying these prices as I thought this would mean that I would have a very good paper to turn into my class. When I got was a really below average paper after paying a large price. It really upset me as I wondered what I was actually paying for. It certainly wasn’t for good writing. Such a waste!

Support (1)

When I contacted about the results of my paper and how they were really below a college level. The only thing they could do for me was to have it rewritten. I didn’t want the same writer to work on my paper as I knew it would not improve the results. BuyEssayClub could not guarantee that this would be the case and would not refund my money. I want this review to warn other students that you have no recourse with this company and that they are just taking your money without providing an online writing service that you can count on.

Delivery (2)

So many of the reviews that I read said that BuyEssayClub delivered on time. I thought this would also be the case with my paper. It wasn’t! I got my paper late on top of everything. I was sorely disappointed when I read it over as it would not work for my class and really caused me a lot of headaches. This was one of the worst experiences of my life!

Overall Experience (1.8)

I really don’t recommend working with BuyEssayClub for your college assignments. Even if you read a review that state otherwise, you shouldn’t take a chance with them. You will be unhappy with the results, and it will wind up being a waste of money for you. Take my advice and choose an online writing service that you can trust. is not one of them! You will do much better with a different company as just doesn’t perform when it comes to writing quality writing assignments for students that are in college.













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