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Quality: 2

I hired to write my essay for me, what a mistake that was! I was overwhelmed by the size of the essay and I knew I wouldn’t get it done on time, so after doing some research and reading reviews, I was convinced they were the best people to get the job done. The work I received back was not good! Lots of spelling and grammar mistakes, and a lot weaker than I expected after reading other reviews. I had to spend three days tidying it up and adding in extra information after I got it back to make it presentable.


Services: 4

Papers Owl seemed ok when I first hired them and I gave them the benefit of the doubt when my emails were being ignored as everyone I’d spoken to seemed pretty attentive, but the quality of the work now reflects the service they give after you’ve paid your money! My review isn’t particularly complimentary, but after the amount of work I had to put in after getting my essay back from, hiring them seems like it was pointless! They didn’t do what I was told they’d do, and I had a lot to fix when I got my work back.


Prices: 3

I had read a review which said they were the best price of any company this person had used. This was my first time of using a company like Papers Owl, so I wasn’t sure what a reasonable price was for this kind of work. The price seemed quite high to me but I paid it after what was promised, and after reading reviews on other places, they still seem to be one of the better costs. I didn’t expect to have to do so much work on my essay after I received it back though, so I’m disappointed in the cost overall.


Support: 2

Another bad score on this review for the support I received when my essay was being written. I sent multiple emails checking on the progress of my work, but none of them were responded to which made me extremely anxious. I had told them from the start that if they needed any supporting quotes or sources to contact me, but they didn’t contact me once to ask for them. The work I received at the end proves they needed those references, as I had to add them all in myself to make sure I got a decent grade!


Delivery: 2

I really wish there were more reviews on what the final product will really look like after you’ve paid your money! I can’t write a good review for them here, as what I was given from Papers Owl was not what I was promised. I wouldn’t have paid for this if I’d have known what to really expect! I’m glad I gave myself a few days between the deadline and my actual deadline, as I was using that time to work solidly on correcting their mistakes!


Overall Experience: 2.6

A pretty bad review overall, which reflects how I feel about the service I was given! When I paid a company to write my essay for me, I definitely wasn’t expecting to get a piece of work back that was full of mistakes and only good enough to scrape a pass if I was lucky. It seems like a huge waste of money to me, considering I spent three days having to improve it! I’m still waiting for a response on some form of compensation back, so I’m hoping they read their reviews and improve their whole service as what they offer currently isn’t really good enough!













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