Writemypapers.org Review

Writemypapers.org Review
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Quality: (4)

I was not at all happy with the quality. It was my first experience with writemypapers.org and may just be my last. I wanted to make sure my Ph.D. dissertation was perfect before I turned it in, so I was looking for an editor. Before I decided to use writemypapers.org, I did my homework and read a lot of reviews. It didn’t seem like the editor did anything at all to my paper. Yes, there were a few things in the paper, but I don’t think it was enough. I expected the Writemypapers writer to make changes to sentence structure and correct grammar errors, but there were no such changes made.

Services: (7)

I was quite happy with the range of services, which included high school essays all the way up to Ph.D. dissertations. It would have been very helpful to know about these services when I was in high school! I really found the FAQ page helpful because you can easily find the answers to your questions. You have access to the information you need, even before you order, including reviews, policies, and more. This is not typical; trust me, I have read many reviews from other websites. Most will not give you access to this kind of information until after you order.

Prices: (7)

They are open about their pricing structure, which, by the way, is reasonable considering the average student’s budget. It is clear that Writemypapers keeps its prices competitive with the current market. Since I only needed my paper edited, I wish they had offered a discount. As I have stated in my review, I was unhappy with the level of editing the writer did on my paper. If someone only wants an edit or proofread of their paper, Writemypapers should be willing to discount their prices. It seems the deadline is the only area in which they are willing to be flexible.

Support: (7)

I was pretty satisfied with the customer support. You can’t ask for more than 24/7 support, which is available via telephone or email. The FAQ page was the best resource for me when it comes to support. This page is the best part about my experience with writemypapers.org. Most websites don’t give you enough detail about their services until after you order. I do, however, want to mention in my review that I wish there had been a live chat option. I don’t really like to email or call people, so I would have been happier if there was a chat feature.

Delivery: (7)

My paper was delivered as I expected—as a zip file. I had planned ahead since this was my first time using the company, and my paper was delivered in plenty of time for me to meet the deadline. My experience was stress-free, as expected, based on many other writemypapers.org reviews—they seem to always meet deadlines, which is important when dealing with time-sensitive papers!

Overall Experience: (6.4)

For the most part, I am satisfied with my experience. While the quality of editing was lacking, I imagine they would have done a good job if I had asked them to write an essay for me. I am pleased with the diversity of services, which seems to be in line with other essay writing companies. Although I wish I had been offered a discount since I only wanted an edit, their pricing does seem to be fair for their writing services. You can expect your paper to be delivered in an easy-to-find zip file and on time. Customer service was good. Before you hire a company to write your paper, I do recommend that you read other writemypapers.org reviews.















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