You’ll consider the review of below absolutely authentic and enlightening so you can determine if this writing company is the absolute deal.

Quality: 5

I have wanted to write a review for after my experience with them since the service wasn’t something I had expected but it was not as well the worst I have ever had to deal with. provided the kind of work which was satisfactory for me. I might have come up with a better work myself although it still actually okay as it was something which I can just submit to my instructor with no hassle. I can say that the quality of work provided by Essayedge has somehow lived up to what one normally would expect from an average writing company.

Services: 7

The customer assistance which I experienced from was fine as well. They assisted me with some concerns which I had regarding the work but they did not do the extra mile to sort them out. I had to really take my time to emphasize these issues although they have fixed the grammar errors after I have clarified it to them. Even the reviews mentioned about the same thing. I think I may have hoped for something more. I wouldn’t say I was frustrated with their level of support as they also tried to assist me although I wish they could have done an extra mile. Go over all the reviews regarding their services prior to choosing them.

Prices: 7

Similar to the reviews found here, offers reasonable fees. You are paying exactly for the expectation you’ll have from a writing company of this expertise level. They will not go the extra mile to send you work which will definitely amaze you; at the same time, they won’t frustrate you with the completed work. It is just an average work which is just within the price which you have paid for. Check on reviews here and you will know that they’re all similar. You’ll receive exactly what you have paid for at a very reasonable rate.

Support: 7

Since I had a minor concern about, I have to post this review. They were really nice about assisting me regarding my issue with a little bit of persuasion on my end, although in the end, everything was fixed. The have made sure to make everything simple and were especially helpful when I was in need of their assistance. did not make me feel that valued as I wished they would but they helped me out when I discussed to them some concerns about my paper which have to be fixed.

Delivery: 4

The completion of the work as done promptly as expected. I did not provide them a high score for this review regarding submission since I would have expected it to be done earlier so I can handle any issues which might arise. They were especially adherent to the deadline we agreed on and submitted the work as they have guaranteed they would. There wasn’t anything extraordinary about them which I can emphasize on this regarding how they completed my paper.

Overall Experience: 6.0

I can say, as a whole, dealing with was quite okay. I was given a paper which was satisfactory enough. Though I had a few problems, they fixed them for me when I told them about it but they did no go the extra mile to assist me which I would have expected. They completed the work promptly and they’re really cheap. There’s nothing outstanding about which I can emphasize here and you may as well go with a different writing company which will assist you and provide you great customer support. If you are on the lookout for a paper which will you can pass in class at an inexpensive rate, may just be the deal for you. Make sure to go over the reviews regarding the company as they really coincided with how things went for me and you may probably experience the same thing when you choose to transact with them.













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            • Loa says:

     seemed good to me at first but after 2 or 3 orders they started to deliver poor written papers. What happened to to you??

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