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Quality: 1

As I received the essay, it seemed okay to me. However, when the results were out, I was shocked to see, I failed. I just could not believe it. I learnt that the information present in the essay was not correct and the sources used were not proper. failed me completely. I wonder from where they got the information. I am really sorry, I cannot give them more than 1 in quality because I failed in my grades. This is due to their mistake.

Services: 3

I noticed through many reviews that many people had the same plight as me. Their services seem to be quite amazing as you start approaching them, but when they have the money they change completely. During the process, I mailed to know how everything is going. They responded that everything is going well and that I can have my essay soon. I received the essay before the deadline too which I definitely appreciate. The essay was apparently well done without any mistake. At that moment, nothing seemed wrong but when I failed due to wrong factual information, I must say that is not good.

Prices: 1

Prices at are definitely high. If you visit their website, you will be made to believe that their prices are low. However, when you start with the deadline and word count details, you will realize that their prices are really high. The prices were much beyond expectations. However, I chose to go ahead and decided to pay. However, when I failed in the grades, everything seemed to be in vain. I sent a request to refund at but they have not granted it.

Support: 2

Just as the other parts of my review, I will say that the support services by the provider are quite low too. When I sent emails about their services, I received some quick replies but now I realize that they were just putting me off. They seemed to be working fine but at the end my results revealed that nothing was actually fine with their services. They did not do a good job. After I received my grades, I tried a lot to get in touch with and requested a refund but they did not respond. I hope with the help of this review other people are alerted and think again before they choose to hire the services of the company.

Delivery: 1

When I checked other reviews, I noticed that people did not get what they were promised, in terms of delivery too. Unfortunately, I did not go through these reviews earlier. If I would have read the reviews, I would have definitely not hired the services. Though I received the essay on time, it did not help me. I did not receive what I expected. The essay was not written as per standard. I hope my review helps people in their decision making when they choose to hire the services.

Overall Experience: 1.6

In my review I will provide them quite low score of 1.6 because this is what I received from them in terms of quality, price, support and more. Though their website is quite professional and looks cool, their services are not good. Their prices are high and not worth the money spent. I have to deal with a failed grade, which is just beyond my imagination. This is why I would not recommend this provider to anyone else. They completely ignored me when I decided to get in touch with this. I will not recommend their services at all.














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