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Few online writing services are as faulty as this one. Despite all the things I had read about this group of people who like to consider themselves “writers”, I decided to ask for a paper to confirm if the terrible reputation people claim they have is true. I admit it was a terrible idea. The paper I received was not even bad, but pathetic. Bad grammar, an obvious ordinary research, no cohesion of ideas, that was what I got as final product. There is no way I would pay again such a bad writer the amount I paid for my essay.
I will try to explain in this review all the flaws that have disappointed not just me but a lot of users.

Quality – 2

While I was reading some reviews, I realized the main problem of this online writing service is the quality of the papers they deliver. I proved it when I paid for an essay, a very simple one, and I established a 3-day deadline. Well, the final product I received was horrific. The person who did my essay clearly had no idea what he was talking about. There was no conclusion in my essay, just a lot of non-related facts that lead to no response of the question I wanted to answer. In that moment I understood each review I had read about was right.

Services – 4

I must admit that offers different options of papers, levels of complexity, deadlines and therefore, prices, something that attracts people. I can consider this the only good thing in this PrivateWriting review. At least, those who have not read any review of this website and hope to get a great paper can be satisfied with the variety of services they could get.

Prices – 1

There are some things that upset me a lot: to receive a bad paper, and to pay a lot for such a bad paper. Well, all the reviews I read were right, has exorbitant prices. I could understand these prices if we were talking about topnotch papers from great writers, but it is so obvious that they do not even have enough experience writing.

Support – 2

Since I did not receive my essay at the day I was supposed to get it, I tried to reach the support team to see if I could receive an answer of when could I receive it. I received a simple message from them apologizing for the delay. I asked when could I receive my paper, and they stopped answering.

Delivery – 3

I got my essay almost a day after the deadline I established before starting the project. If writers have no respect for the deadline of a paper, it is often due to a lack of commitment which can be clearly seen on the final product clients get. did not respect my deadline, and therefore, did not respect me. I cannot trust in people who do not respect their clients. Almost all the reviews explained exactly the same.

Overall Experience – 2.4

All the reviews I checked explained the same problems I experienced, so this is not an isolated case, this is a current issue people is tired of suffering. Without a doubt, this company will receive more and more negative reviews if they do not change the way they work and start all over again. If they do not do this, they will see how each time they will have less and less clients.
I hope people who read this review think more than twice before asking for a paper from this online writing service. I regret I asked for an essay to this people.













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