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Quality: 4

The website for really makes you think they’ll deliver a high quality essay, as there’s a lot of mention of it. However, when I received my essay back, there were quite a few spelling and grammar mistakes which I had to change. They weren’t huge changes, but they were noticeable enough to seem unprofessional. I’m glad I read it when I received it, but I wish I’d looked into reviews a bit more as it seems as though I’m not the first person to experience this level of quality from them. Factually, the essay was good, so it’s a shame there were errors.


Services: 6

The service was ok, but from the way EssayTigers portray themselves and their service on their website I was expecting better from them. Their customer service team were quite good initially, and seemed to be thorough when I had the first conversation with them about what I needed, but the follow-up responses were quite slow which made me worry about meeting my deadline for submission. They did return my essay back to me on time, but I’m giving a 6 for services on my review as they could have been better at communication for peace of mind.


Prices: 7

Previous reviews don’t seem to mention the price for essays, which I find surprising as I found the price for my work to be pretty good. There’s a price calculator on the website for you to enter what level essay you need and when you need it, so that’s cool and easy to use. The overall price was more than what the tool originally quoted, but I guess that would be the case once the brief of what’s needed has been given in most places.


Support: 5

The support EssayTigers give could definitely be improved. I found reviews after my experience with them which mentioned they had similar experiences, but they seemed to go very quiet after I’d paid my money and told them what I wanted. I had to search the website to find different ways of contacting them, as my emails weren’t responded to very quickly. When I did speak to someone, they were polite and helpful, but I’d have liked to have been responded to quicker hence the review of 5.


Delivery: 4

EssayTigers didn’t really live up to expectation with the delivery. Much like many other people have written in their reviews, I had lots of errors to change which was really disappointing, and they did cut it a bit fine with sending it over before the deadline. Had it been sent any later, I’d have either missed deadline or ended up submitting it with lots of errors, neither of which would have been very good! This would have been a much different review if that had been the case, but as it was my first experience and did essential deliver what I’d asked for, I will give them an average score for now.


Overall Experience: 5.2

The overall experience score for my review is 5.2 out of 10. Not necessarily a great score, but I think that’s mostly because of how the perception they give of themselves didn’t quite meet expectation. Working with EssayTigers was fine, but their responses to my questions were too delayed which didn’t make for a stress-free service, and I would have hoped for my essay to be error-free once it was complete. Although the price was quite good, it was still a service which I paid for, and the inclusion of errors in the final piece made me feel quite disappointed. I don’t think I would use again, but I would watch out for future reviews to see if they improve their service and delivery.













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            • Theresa says:

              Yeah, I have to agree with the review. I expected a masterpiece of a paper when I browsed website but what I got was an average essay, nothing special. And I know the prices are up to the standard but they at least they could give a discount to a mother with 2 children, come on

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