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Quality: (4)

The sort of work they do is not exactly as they have described on I was hoping for more than just an average work considering the amount of time I used to go over reviews and attempting to obtain answers to the easiest inquiries. As I recall, I believe this was an indicator which I would have heeded to. Just to clarify, I got the submitted work but the quality is just so ordinary I should have done it myself. I am specifically frustrated since I had checked several reviews most of which are encouraging. I guess I should have checked some more of these reviews prior to shelling our dollars on them.

Service: (1)

I was absolutely disappointed due to Proessaywriting’s web design. I had difficulty even just with looking for the set of services. I had to scour the site here and there to see what I needed which is a paper on communication. To add to the aggravation, I inquired regarding the associated fees on the Proessaywriting website and I could not even get a clear answer. I repeat, this should have been a clear indicator that perhaps Proessaywriting wasn’t the best writing company to settle with.

Price: (1)

I expected that since I had to experience all these inconvenience; the fees would at least be reasonable (or would somehow be adjusted given the inconvenience). I couldn’t be more wrong about things. The fees just to have my essay completed were more than all my expectations. Being just a student, I don’t have a big budget to allot for this. I am giving this ‘1’ since this has certainly placed me in a bad shape financial-wise for a certain time, and remind me again what this is for? I did not at all obtain what I was expecting for and so I have come up with this review.

Support: (1)

I had contacted the customer support group regarding my dissatisfaction. Based on a certain review which I had checked, I had anticipated for them to be not that supportive. During that time, obviously, I wasn’t expecting that I have to get in touch with them. I stood corrected and just found myself criticizing them in my own reviews. What I got as a response was the usual ‘We apologize but there’s not much we can do’ spiel. Plus, it took them more time to correspond with me instead of the 48-hour time frame which they have promised on their website. Well, they did have this automated message but I was expecting for an actual person to communicate with me. And because this never took place, I opted to give them just 1 out of 5 in this rating, and that’s me being too kind already.

Delivery: (4)

It was fine as I got the paper promptly. It was sent in a typical way with no extras whatsoever. I was really frustrated since most review I had checked had only the most encouraging things to comment regarding the finished work. At the very least, it was submitted promptly and I got what I have spent money for. However, I am not really happy with what I got considering that I had used up my hard-earned cash just to have this paper done.

Overall Experience: (2.2)

This serves as my own share to the reviews. I would have to bluntly say I am extremely frustrated all in all. The website alone was difficult to use. It is time-consuming just to look for what I needed and to obtain some clarification. The finished work as well was of mediocre quality. The method of submission was typical and not too personalized as I have expected. The customer support team did nothing to assist me and left me to deal with a substandard paper with no option for a refund. I will wrap up this review by saying that you should stay away, even run from this writing company. They don’t fulfill things as promised. This is especially true considering the way they let you go in circles just to find the details you need on their website. Find somewhere else!













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            • Ricardo says:

              English is not my first language but I’m pretty sure that writers working for proessaywriting are not native speakers.

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