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Quality 9

I really like the support that has given me. I’m a father and husband who was studying for his bachelor’s at the time (I graduated yay!) I needed homework done for all my classes (I’m not a good writer and probably will never be.) I found out about after doing a web search. I needed to delegate my writing and their writer (or the one I chose) was excellent. He got me solid grades and my professors could never tell that I wasn’t the one doing the paper. I had read some of the reviews before trying them and they were spot on!

Services 9 is easy to navigate and very beginner friendly. I’m not the most proficient with computers (my wife is the one who’s good at that stuff) and yet I was able to navigate my way easily through Mypaperwriter. I appreciated the selection of writers because I wanted someone who had real life experience too. I’m in the air force and wanted someone who was ex-military to help with my paper. I was able to find someone easily (actually I had read some positive reviews written by ex-military and that’s why I decided to check Mypaperwriter out in the first place.) They also have free revisions just in case but I was too busy to ever get my homework assignments done. I just figured I’d mention that service in my review.

Prices 10

The pricing system was excellent. It was way cheaper than I had expected. I mean, I had read so many reviews in which the people were complaining about the pricing. Personally I thought that it was actually cheaper than what they could’ve asked. 30 bucks for a next day delivery is fantastic. I’ve tried another website before I had heard about Mypaperwriter. I wanted to try another website first and their prices were much higher. I really should’ve read more reviews before committing to anything. That’s my fault though. So I think that you will appreciate how affordable this site…then again you’d probably find a review that would disagree with me.

Support 10

Their customer support team was awesome. I felt comfortable right from the get-go. I was able to talk to someone and she was very helpful. She led me towards what I needed and it was exactly what I wanted. This was important to me because I didn’t have much time to do my paper and she was able to put me in touch with the kind of writer I was looking for. He was an ex-military guy and he also helped me with some details I was confused with ( what GPA I needed to become an officer, what the GI bill covers, etc…) I’ll finish this part of my review by saying that they are awesome.

Delivery 10

What can I say? It was always delivered on time and it was just what I needed. I had some homework from my electives that I had forgotten about. My writer had gone above and beyond to make sure that I had them in time to get a solid grade on them. Thanks again for that!

Overall Experience 9.6

I’ll finish this review by saying that I am blessed to have found this website. I want a better life for my family and that meant having to go to college and getting a degree. I’ve read many reviews out there but none of them were about people like me. I was too busy to do anything besides study. My wife works and my kids are 3 and 5 years old…there’s no way I could’ve done my paper and the professors love piling them up! So yeah that’s my review…I hope you enjoyed it!














            • latifa says:

              these guys r pretty good. if you cant find time to write these boring stupid ass essays choosethem

            • keepso says:

              people at are awesome, keep up the good work fellas, I will definitely come back again. it’s hard to maintain social life with writing endless essays and term papers all the time, so these guys are exactly what I need.

            • Maria says:

              I was lucky to hire guys from a few months ago. Since then, they’ve done lots of my papers. Gracias!

            • Kate says:

              my paper writer, you are simply T H E B E S T ! !

            • jembojem2 says:

              Great! Wonderful! Excellent!! myPaperWriter completed all my academic writing tasks just in couple of days. Thnx!

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