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Once you open their main page, there is no doubt on the fact you will get caught by their pretty visual interface. One thing for sure is they know how to present themselves, to do this review I needed to find out if they were really up to the task when it comes to writing. These are my findings after reading some reviews and finally using this page.

Quality – 3

I did not feel the VIP experience claimed to give. The essay I asked for was nothing close to good. In fact, it was not even okay, considering all the flaws and proofreading misses it had. You will find mixed reviews about the quality of trustmypaper, but you must pay attention to the ones that speak about all the faults and mistakes they should fix. The quality of the essay I received was not the quality they claim to have, as it did not seem made by PhD degree writers, not even native English speakers. I am glad they have a money back guarantee for those users such as me that were definitely let down.

Services – 2

It is simply not enough. One thing for sure is that trustmypaper does not bring premiere writing solutions, as my essay was flawed and plagiarized. If I were a student I would be in trouble if I showed this essay to some professor. The academic level they structure their payment system into is very faulty, as you would expect better work from a professional, something I definitely did not get. Yes, has a user-friendly website as I read in some reviews, but that does not compensate the bad times you are going to have once you order a text.

Prices – 4

It is not cheap at all. This review is made for everyone willing to spend money on this website, and this include students. So, as a student I would surely consider giving away a big amount of money to this site if I am going to receive such poorly written essays. They structure their price range into 3 academic levels, starting from undergraduate writers, bachelor, and professional ones. The cheapest work you could ask for is 20$ and you will have to wait 14 days to get it. I have seen a lot of complains in several reviews about the functions they count with, like the bad quality and efficiency of the revisions, or the everlasting delay for email deliveries.

Support – 1

They only work to frustrate you. I had to contact them because my essay got out of schedule. I received an answer after the problem was already solved without their help. This is an insult to users if trustmypaper claims to have superior support, and this is why I have given such a low rate in to this aspect in this review.

Delivery – 1

I waited for 14 days and my essay got out of schedule. I have read some reviews which talked about the irresponsibility of their writers, and I experienced it in first hand.

Overall Experience – 2.2

Reaching to was a bad decision. I did not receive quality work and I even received it out of schedule. There was a lot of work to do to a piece of text that should have been already finished. I still used it and the saddest part was the grade I got. I would not recommend this site to anyone, and I hope a lot of students get to read this review before considering hiring a writer in this trap of a website.














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