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Quality: 1

The essay I received back from was absolutely shocking! Not only was it littered with spelling and grammar mistakes, but it was also completely factually incorrect. I had seen a few reviews of customers who had received a similar service, but the good reviews outweighed the bad, so I thought it would be OK. I was so wrong! I couldn’t believe this was meant to be a professional essay writing service, as it looked like it had all been copy and pasted from other websites and from incorrect sources!

Services: 1

The service was as poor as the essay itself! After I’d paid EssayOnTime, it was a good few days before I even heard from them to confirm they were working on my essay. When I did hear from them, I responded to ask how it was coming along, and then I still didn’t hear from them again until another week later when they sent my essay over. A very bad service, which results in a very bad review unfortunately! I didn’t feel valued as a customer at all, and it felt like they just wanted my money without doing what they claim to do on the website.

Prices: 2

One of the main reasons I chose EssayOnTime for my essay was because their prices seemed to be lower than other companies I’d looked at. The cost of what I wanted was reasonable, but it seems as though you get what you pay for because the end product was rubbish. On top of that, when I raised a complaint about how they hadn’t delivered what I asked for, they said they would refund my money but never did. I chased them a few times but they stopped responding, so I’ve basically paid for an essay I could never submit. I hope other people see this review and steer clear!

Support: 1

The support offers is much like the rest of their offering which I’ve mentioned throughout this review – poor! From reading their website, you’d think they were a really reliable company who appreciate their customers and keep in touch with them while their writers complete the essay, but my experience wasn’t even close to that. Other reviews suggest they had a similar experience with support from this company, so I hope it will make them change their ways or make customers go somewhere else!

Delivery: 1

The delivery from EssayOnTime was terrible. I had deliberately set the deadline to a few days before my essay was actually due to be safe, and to give myself time to review the essay before I submit it. I’m glad I did because they sent it over with seconds to spare, so if I had to submit it immediately it definitely would have been a fail! I had contacted a few times asking when it was due but I had no response, and the essay was factually and grammatically incorrect! I wish I’d have read other reviews before signing up to this company, because they weren’t worth the time or money!

Overall Experience: 1.2

My review doesn’t show the company in a good light at all, but that is because I had a terrible experience with them! The essay was completely wrong and would have caused me to fail if I’d have submitted it. They were reasonably priced, but still not worth the money, and they have ignored me rather than sticking to their ‘100% money back guarantee’ as they claim on their website. I hope they read the bad reviews and start making some changes, because this is not the kind of service a company of their kind should be giving!













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