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Quality: 4

The quality of this paper was good, but not that strong. My overall grade was a B-. I was hoping to earn a perfect score. The sources used were credible, but the paper had its share of typos and grammatical mistakes. These are inexcusable in any academic assignment. However, my custom ordered paper on the Gulf of Mexico had a very smooth flow and included some great historical details. It was a very informative paper that clearly expressed important components that I learned in my geography course. The paper they provided me was 100% original. I appreciate that it was professionally written from scratch and did not contain any plagiarism at all. This is something that the company promised and I’m so glad they followed through.

Services: 4 has a very user-friendly website that is quite simple to navigate. They offer around-the clock support to customers. It has a handy online chat feature and also includes a contact number. The service was good. The writer was a bit delayed at responding at times, but other than this, the service was good, but not mind-blowing. I had to explain the details of my assignment a bit too many times for my liking, but the writer eventually got it down and understood my needs. The company is professional, just not flawless. The company offers custom written papers on a wide array of topics, lengths, and types. Students of all backgrounds could find services with this company if they needed it.

Prices: 4

When first visiting, I did not find a price list, but I had read reviews that said this company is reasonable. I decided to go for it. My personal funds are limited and I was hoping for inexpensive rates. The price was not sky-high, but it could have been a little cheaper given the quality was not excellent. But I’ve learned from this experience. I think next time I will try a different paper writing company to see if I get more for my money. With my limited expenses, I want to be sure that every penny is spent very wisely.

Support: 4

This company website is very detailed and informative which helped me out a lot. That was great. I mentioned that also offers online support, in the form of a chat feature. It’s too bad there aren’t always representatives online every time I visit. It definitely would help more customers if they were there more often. Thankfully, every representative I encountered was very pleasant, patient, and helpful. This made my experience a good one. The only flaw is their limited availability at times.
This company delivered my assignment on time, but at the very last minute. While I can’t hold it against them, it would have been nice to receive it as early as possible on the due date, or even a few days before. At one point I was nervous it wouldn’t be sent at all. But it was delivered on time and in a professional manner. I prefer more prompt service, though. It’s a good thing I got it on time. Otherwise my grade would have been affected.

Overall: 4

I was content with my geography paper, but not overly impressed. got the job done, but did not go above and beyond in their services. I am glad that I made a passing grade on my paper, but I really was hoping for better. I guess that’s the chance you take when not doing your assignment on your own. While I wasn’t totally disappointed, I am certain there may be better professional writing services out there.













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