Dissertationteam.com Review

Dissertationteam.com Review
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Quality 10

I love having Dissertationteam by my side as I go through my PhD program. My program is tough enough as it is and now I need to have a perfect dissertation too! My advisor used to always be on my case (he’s a perfectionist, unfortunately) but now because I have a writer who takes care of my writing work, all I have to do is hand over what he’s done. This saves me from a lot of stress! My wife and I have just had a baby and there’s no way I’d have time to make a perfect dissertation. The writing is exactly what I was looking for and my advisor is impressed. I can only give this part of the review a 10 out of 10.

Services 10

Dissertationteam.com has amazing services that help you out with your thesis! My PhD is on a particular subject and I had a hard time accessing sources for my dissertation. My Dissertationteam.com writer was actually able to find the sources I needed (but you have to tell them). On top of that my writer was able to correct my thesis’ mistakes based on what my professor had said. I had read a few dissertationteam.com reviews and none of them mentioned that they did that. This helped build more trust with my advisor and gives me the confidence for that dreaded final PhD interview.

Prices 9

Dissertationteam’s prices were good. To be honest I was hoping for something a bit cheaper but hey, if they get the job done (and that they did) then it’s all good. After reading many dissertation.com reviews I found that I wasn’t the only one who felt this way. That being said, dissertationteam.com is a site that specialises in writing theses. If you go to a doctor who’s a specialist you’d also be paying more for that expertise, right? I’ll add on this part of my review that you do get the value you’d expect from those prices.

Support 10

I’d have to say that I was quite pleased with their support. I went through many reviews and none had anything negative to say about the customer service. As soon as I got on the site it felt very user friendly. Then Emily popped up and helped me find my way around. It was my first time using this kind of service (I was getting desperate) and of course I always appreciate all the help I can get. Paying was also made a lot easier. I’m always a bit nervous about using my credit card online. Emily reassured me that everything was encrypted. Also none of the reviews you’ll read talked about getting scammed or anything.

Delivery 9

Their delivery system was great. I got all my documents in an email well within the allotted timeframe. It was easy to find and it was in PDF format (which made it easier for me to print). I also get follow-up emails from my writer to make sure that everything is okay. If there’s anything you learn from my review is how important it is to make sure your writer confirms and reconfirms that you got the documents. Otherwise you could be late on your deadline and sometimes emails do get lost.

Overall Experience 9.6

Dissertationteam is great. I’m glad that you’ve chosen to read this dissertationteam.com review because it was thanks to reviews like this one that I found the courage to give this company a try. The delivery was great and the writing quality made everyone happy. If you do try them out, how about writing your own dissertationteam.com review? It could others just like me.
















            • rebecca says:

              A decent writing company that followed my instructions from the beginning till the very end. It seems that they know what matters first in this business!

            • CourtneyCummz says:

              Hey there! 2 month ago I needed help with my thesis and DissertationTeam did a great job. All my instructions were strictly followed and I got excellent grade in the end! Marvelous!

            • Sarah says:

              Guys from dissertationteam do care about the quality of their stuff. Their help was just what I was looking for.

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