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Quality 8

I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of my thesishelpers homework. Actually I got a few done in various subjects. I am a college student but quite frankly could do without writing essays. thesishelpers was the first website I found (I know, I should’ve read some reviews first) so I decided to try them. After my own experience a few times and from what I’ve read on other reviews I have to say that I’m pleased with what I was given back. The completed assignments themselves got me the grade that I wanted and made it easy for me to just print them and hand them in. The only thing I would say that could be a little bit better is having a pdf version as well when sending it (and not just a word doc.) I use a mac and had to do a quick conversion. Not a big deal but I felt like saying something about it in my review.

Services 8

The services were good. They weren’t great but they were okay. It was easy enough to navigate thesishelpers and find what I needed. My major is quite a general one (economics) so I was able to get writers to do the homework I needed done. I’d say that even if your major is something specific (my friend’s major is aviation meteorology, for example) you’d be able to find a writer who could take care of you. Granted, I always recommend that you check out some of the reviews including my review and find people who are in a similar situation as you first. Again I wish that I had read a review or two first just out of habit but I’m happy with

Prices 8

The prices were fine. I worked part-time so I was able to afford getting my thesis done (I can’t stand thesis writing and writing in general…even doing this review feels like work!) I always planned things in advance so I never had to get the ‘less-than-24 hour’ prices. If you need papers done right away then yes it might get expensive. If you’re like me and can afford to wait a few days then you’ll be all set pricewise.

Support 8’s support system is good. It’s nothing to write home about (although I’m writing an review about it, haha) but it does its job. I really only needed it at first because I wanted to make sure that I understood everything before committing. The person in charge of customer service made me feel comfortable and helped me get all set up. I’d say read other reviews besides mine to get a good idea about their customer support.

Delivery 8

The delivery was excellent. The work was kept in a secret file. I had given special instructions to make their emails inconspicuous (in case my parents found out). So far no one knows that I’m delegating my assignments and I plan on keeping it that way. They were printer friendly and in the font that I had asked.

Overall Experience 8

Overall I would have to say that I am happy with this homework completing service. They got the work I needed done and continue to do so. It’s all 100% original and written in a way that matches how I would write closely enough. The prices are fair and everything is consistent. I use my debit card and everything is encrypted so I feel comfortable about that. Again I wish that I had read more testimonials and such. That was my fault and I got lucky on this one. My verdict? Check out some more reviews if you want but try them out at least once.














            • Kamper says:

              For many students writing a thesis is the most difficult thing in the world and I am not an exception. My friends told me about, so I decided to give it a try. It’s such a relief to put some weight onto someone else’s shoulders. My thesis was done on time. I was really nervous about it (since it was my first time ordering papers from someone), so I proofread it and didn’t find any mistakes, in fact, I couldn’t have written it better myself (well, maybe some parts, but that’s because it would include some specific details). Overall, great job. Will come back for more, because I have two more exhausting years at university 🙂

            • Timothy says:

              After I realized that I can’t complete my thesis on my own I hired thesishelpers. I didn’t expect that a regular writing company (as it seemed at first) can deliver such a well-researched and professionally written academic paper! 10/10!

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