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Product: 1

I am seriously disappointed with what I got back. This writemypaper4me.org review is going to be brutal so if you’re used to reading positive writemypaper4me.org reviews then you might want to skip this one! I am not at all happy with my finished product. I wanted a dialogue (theater style…it was for a play) and what I got back was an essay. The writer couldn’t have messed up more! Now I know that writemypaper4me.org specializes in essays so that’s why I had triple checked with them before giving them my assignment. Ultimately I didn’t receive what I wanted and it’s put me in a bad spot in my university class. In fact this is one of my motivators for writing this review…I don’t want other theater students to go through this!

Services: 1

Complicated as could be! I spent 5 minutes trying to find where I had to click so that someone would work on my play. Once you’re on the site there’s this annoying chat box that comes up asking to show you some reviews and examples. Stick around a bit longer and you get another annoying popup asking you to give your email address! None of the writemypaper4me.org reviews talked about this bothersome system that writemypaper4me.org had implemented…I had to wonder why! Then there was the writer. She was nice enough but unprofessional. She actually had no idea as to how to write a play. She could’ve just told me that! Instead she said that she could do it and ultimately she couldn’t. I had told her throughout our correspondence how I wanted it…she still messed it up! I am totally disappointed here.

Prices: 1

Don’t get me going on how expensive everything is! Doesn’t writemypaper4me.org understand that we are mere students? I personally can’t even work a part-time job because of my school workload (hence me wanting writemypaper4me.org to do my writing…at the time!) I find their prices to be unbelievable and wish that every future writemypaper4me.org review will mention that.

Support: 1

I am absolutely furious at writemypaper4me.org’s “customer support”. When I told them that my finished product was not what I paid for, they gave me every excuse under the sun as to why the writer didn’t do the job well (all of the excuses blaming me and my “lack” of instruction.) Did I mention that they took forever to get back to me in the first place? Unlike most reviews that you’ll find out there, my review will let you know just how crummy this company really is. Needless to say, I didn’t get my money back.

Delivery: 1

I didn’t get what I paid for. There’s nothing else to add to this part. Oh wait…I did get the wrong product on time.

Overall Experience: 1

If I could give this review a zero I would! I am absolutely disgusted as to how such a company could get away with this level unprofessionalism. The website itself looks ugly with purple everywhere (I feel like I’m on a gambling website!) The popups try to hustle you into reading all of their reviews. My writer had lied to me about being able to do the job. The prices are ridiculous for what you get…and way overpriced for university students! When I contacted the customer service I had to wait 48 hours. I even tried phoning but nobody picked up! I strongly urge that you skip this company and find another one. If there’s anything positive you can get from this review is that you have found the lowest of the low in terms of “essay writing”. Go find better!















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