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Quality: (4)

The overall work was extremely frustrating. I have not tried dealing with and there probably won’t be any next. I wanted a thesis revised for my doctorate since I needed to ensure that it was satisfactory prior to submitting it. I had made my research and went over several reviews prior to choosing them. The submitted work was left intact. There were a few revisions made on some areas although in general it seems as if it wasn’t revised in any way. I sort of expected for some sentences to be eliminated or grammatical flaws fixed but the designated writer from Smartwritingservice did none of these.

Services: (7)

Their various set of services are rather satisfactory. You can have secondary level papers fulfilled including doctoral papers. I hope I had been made aware about these sort of services when I was in secondary school. They have this FAQ link that you can find on their website which provides the answers you need. You can check guidelines, reviews and many more and you can evaluate several more prior to choosing anything. Take it from me, I have checked several reviews from a lot of websites and majority of these urge you to make an order prior to providing you access to details.

Prices: (7)

The fees are upfront and falls within every typical student’s budget. Smartwritingservice monitors the market frequently allowing it to maintain reasonable fees. I just wish I have requested or at least obtained a discount since all I wanted were simple edits. As for me (and you can read this in my review), I was frustrated since it seems to me that the writer hadn’t fulfilled a satisfactory task with my work. In my opinion, Smartwritingservice have to be accommodating with their fees if anyone needs only editing and proofreading. The only thing I had control with is the deadline.

Support: (7)

Their customer service was somehow fine. They have all-day assistance whether you choose to email or phone them. What I was impressed with was their FAQ page. If there is something I am happy to mention in this review is this specific link. Most websites failed to provide any chance to check anything prior to making an order. If there was a downside which I can include under this phase in my review is the fact that they do not have a live chat platform. If I need to discuss anything with someone, I need to phone them or email which happen to be my least preferred way of communication as I like chatting or texting more.

Delivery: (7)

Their delivery of the work is typical: they’ll send you a zip file. It was sent to me promptly and was really within my expected deadline; fortunately for me, I really prepared things in advance since it was my first time to deal with this writing company. I didn’t see myself being bothered about this and from what I have read from several reviews; they are really reliable when it comes to deadlines. This is essential since the very thing anyone would be most annoyed with is a paper sent beyond the set deadline!

Overall Experience: (6.4)

In general, I can say that they are somehow satisfactory. While the sort of edits done was not all that excellent, I am certain that if I had required them to come up with an essay for me, I would’ve been okay with it. They have a wide range of services which are coherent with most writing companies. The fees are reasonable and you are being given exactly what you have paid for (except if you are only expecting edits to be made). Everything is sent to you timely in an easy-to-use zip file. The customer support group is really reliable. I can only advise that you read through several reviews prior to making any order.













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