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Quality: 7

I had read some reviews on quite highly regarded websites, so I thought I’d go for it and hire them to write an essay for me. The reviews were about right, in that the quality of my essay was pretty good, but it wasn’t top of the class good. I got a good grade and passed the essay, but if you hire RushEssay you should only expect to be grading average. They probably did a better job than I could have done, but it would have been good to have got an amazing grade for my essay.


Services: 6 had a reasonably good service. I didn’t talk to anyone directly, only communicated with them over email which was fine but lacked the personal touch a little bit and at first I was worried that they may not have completely understood my request as it wasn’t clarified immediately. RushEssay replied within a day whenever I contacted them, which I thought to be a bit longer than I’d have liked as I wanted them to reply the same day. My review is around average because they were good enough but not outstanding as I expected them to be.


Prices: 4

This will be the lowest score on my review, because I thought the cost of an essay with to be quite a lot of money. I found it strange there were so many reviews from other students, because I don’t know how so many students can afford RushEssay services! I thought the price would be a lot lower than it was, as I read one review which said they’re really good value for money. Maybe the price is low compared to other companies, but I’m not sure because this is the first essay writing service I’ve ever used and I thought it was expensive.


Support: 6

I thought the communication would be superb after reading other reviews, but I don’t think it was as good as other reviews led me to believe. They were fine, but I would have liked to speak to someone on the phone before they got on with my essay. I submitted my order through then got an email a day later to say they had started it and when to expect it back. Every time I emailed it took a day to hear back from them, they were thorough on their emails, but I lacked the human customer experience a bit.


Delivery: 5

I got my essay back on the day that I had requested it, and the essay was fine. I don’t think I could say it was any more than fine though, as it didn’t exactly blow me away. It was a well written article and there was lots of good information, but I would have liked a really high grade for an essay I had to pay for. I passed and I didn’t have to make any changes, but I did expect a bit more than what I got.


Overall Experience: 5.8

My review is quite an average score because I feel like the service and the essay I got from them was quite average overall. The only thing which was particularly high was the price! I don’t think I could afford to use them again any time soon. I passed the essay they wrote for me, so I must mention in this review that they do produce pieces of work which are of reasonably good quality and don’t raise suspicions of lecturers. To improve, I’d ask for a bit more communication and a lower price tag!













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