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Quality: 7

All in all, the quality of the work was adequate. After I submitted all the details to my writer, the final resume was good. Although it wasn’t as convincing as I had hoped, it was good enough, I suppose. I wasn’t overly impressed with the writing style, as it was pretty typical, but I had hoped for something a little more impressive. It is still early, however, my search for a job has not been enhanced by my resume. The reviews may have misled me just a bit, so I may have been a little too enthusiastic about my expectations of Instantassignmenthelp, but I guess I was wrong.

Services: 5

My first impression of the review left a lot to be desired, and I was disappointed. had me feeling a bit uncomfortable when I signed up, which caused me to feel an immediate need for help. I did, however, feel like the support team was courteous, most notably when I requested to see some reviews for The reviews were candid and made sense to me. Although the writer I chose was nice enough, it did take time for her to answer some of my questions. I was ready to get started looking for a job, so I wanted to have my CV right away. The writer did not seem to understand this, so I am giving a 5 on this review.

Prices: 4

As a recent college graduate, my income is limited, so I wish the cost would have been more budget-friendly. It felt as though the cost didn’t consider the financial struggles of new college graduates. Several of the reviews from did mention flexible costs. Since what I needed was somewhat urgent, I had to pay a higher fee, so I didn’t benefit from the flexible costs. I figured someone would have mentioned this in their review of

Support: 6

I really liked Instantassignmenthelp’s customer service because they were quick to respond to my inquiries and were always considerate of my needs. They were, regrettably, not as helpful when it came to my issue about the review costs. The only special requirement I had was for expedited delivery of my resume, so I asked them to lower the cost just a bit. However, they said it was out of their scope. I didn’t feel like they did everything they could to help. Because of this, I can only give them a 6 on this review.

Delivery: 5

The resume was delivered as expected. I could only afford to have it done within the timeframe based on the prices stated on the Instantassignmenthelp website. However, I wish the writer would have pushed it through a little quicker so I would have had it sooner. I would have rated this section higher than a 5 for review if the writer would have made more of an effort to finish sooner since I requested to have it finished as soon as possible.

Overall Experience: 5.4

My overall experience with was, honestly, just satisfactory. I feel like they weren’t willing to go above and beyond to separate themselves from every other company. I was overall happy with customer service and feel like they did try to help me. I was impressed with the assigned writer’s credentials and he was nice to work with. His work was in line with his profile, although I wish he had been quicker to respond to me. Since I was so far behind, I didn’t have much time to pick a company to help me with my resume, so I chose them after reading several reviews. I wish I had had more time to read the reviews more thoroughly. I do, however, have with me a complete resume so that I can begin to look for jobs.













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            • Lisa says:

              Instantassignmenthelp is not a service for students who need their assignments done for tomorrow. Also they need to find better math writers.

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