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Quality: 2

I had hire for the completion of my dissertation and I can say is that I made awful mistake. I knew I couldn’t handle my dissertation by myself, also, I knew I wouldn’t get it done on time. Once I completed some research, and after reading reviews on, I was convinced they had the best professionals to handle the job, but the job I got was terrible, with numerous grammar and spelling errors. The job I got was weaker than the reviews I read, I had to spend several days to tidy things up and make it more presentable.

Services: 4 seemed to be alright when I first hire them, but things changed quickly as my emails were repeatedly ignored. I waited for a while to evaluate the quality of services they rendered according to the money they charge. Considering the amount I wasted on this job, I would say hiring was a complete pointless one. They didn’t do what I expected of them and I had to fix so many things by myself in the end.

Prices: 3

Despite reading several reviews on, with many reviews reporting that the website offers the best prices in the industry. This is the first time I am using the website and I don’t think the prices are worth the results I got. The prices were extremely too high for what I was promised, I wasn’t expecting to correct so many errors in my dissertation after hiring this company hence I am scoring the site low on prices.

Support: 2

I am scoring this website low for the support I received during and after my dissertation. None of the emails I sent during the progress of my work, was responded to, and that got be anxious. I had informed them of the need to constantly get in touch with them in the course of completing the dissertation, and the work I received in the end did not meet the standards as I add to add references by myself in order to receive a decent grade.

Delivery: 2

I wish future clients on will read more reviews and figure out what is actually going on here. I cannot give a good review about this website when the result I obtained was actually different from what I was promised. I wouldn’t have paid for their services if I had expected this sort of result in the beginning. My consolation is that I had to leave few days beside the deadline I gave, just to correct all the errors.

Overall experience: 2.6

I am giving a low core for after a terrible experience with the website. The score here reflects and conclude the type of service I got here, I wasn’t expecting the type of services I got here because they were totally different from what I read in the reviews posted on the website. Doing business with this website is a complete waste of money because I had to spend up to 3 days just making corrections. Till this moment, I am still waiting for their response, or at least get some compensation for the terrible job done hence I hope they will read this review and upgrade their poor services.














            • Matt says:

              The author of the review above seems to be exaggerating a little bit but the company with such a loud name – – is rather mediocre. Or maybe algebra is not just their forte.

            • screwyouaholes says:

              Another scam “writing service”. Still trying to get my money back. you are GREASY SCAMMERS!!!

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