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Quality (4)

I am writing this review to give students a look at the services that offers for writing assignments. After spending a great deal of time looking at a variety of reviews on the internet, I chose EssayThinker to write my essay for my college class. I gave them all the instructions and hoped they would turn out a paper that I would be happy with. The results were just average. It was written properly, but there was nothing that really stood out about it. I was hoping for more but was not totally disappointed. It would meet my needs and pass by assignment, but there would be no glowing grade because of it. I guess the reviews overexaggerated the results of EssayThinker.

Services (6)

There are a lot of services offered by, which is good if you need something specialized. It sure seems like they can do it. They handled my assignment with ease, and I did see some reviews of other students that said they hard really complex assignments that EssayThinker was able to write for them no problem.

Prices (5)

The prices at are pretty average. It is what I expected to pay for an online writing service for the type and style of paper I needed. Of course, I would have liked the prices to be cheaper but overall; I think they are fair. I saw many reviews that said they were too expensive but I think that is just college students with no money wanting everything for free. Really their prices are fair for the amount of work they are doing for your paper.

Support (5)

The support at could do with some help. I was disappointed that they didn’t have a chat feature and I actually had to contact them to get more information. It would have saved me some time and been a lot faster. I will say in this review that was really nice with helping me with my concerns and questions. They took the time to answer each one and really made sure I felt at ease with their services before I tried them.

Delivery (5)

I am a little confused by the other reviews I saw about that says they don’t deliver on time. I got my paper in plenty of time for my deadline. I wanted to make sure I included this in this review, so other students know that they do deliver as promised. I did give them plenty of time to get my paper done, and it wasn’t a rush job like overnight or anything crazy like that. Maybe if you wait until the last minute, you don’t get your paper right away. I don’t know because that didn’t happen to me. I got my paper on time, and it was fine.

Overall Experience (5)

In my review of EssayThinker, I would say they are an average service for online writing assignments. They deliver what they promise nothing more and nothing less. You won’t get anything special from EssayThinker, but it is at a fair price so you should be pleased with the results. If you are looking for a better-written paper, you may need to go with another service, but I am sure it will cost you more. My overall experience with was pretty fair, and I am pretty happy with the results I received on my paper. I didn’t get the best grade but I passed and really that is all that matters to me in this class.














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