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Quality: 7

Overall, I was quite pleased with the quality. While it certainly wasn’t outstanding, it definitely got the job done. Ultimately, I needed my resume to be rewritten for increased job response. While I have yet to actually see if this has occurred because of this resume, I’ll just have to wait to find out! In the other reviews I glanced at none mentioned whether or not the resumes they had worked on increased their rate of employer responsiveness. The work I received from, however, certainly fit the requirements of what I needed to be completed.

Services: 5

WHile the quality of the product I received on might have been of decent quality, I had a couple problems with the site’s services in general, hence the reason for me writing this review. hooked me up with the services of a writer who had a brief correspondence with me before the job was finalized right away. I told him that I needed the assignment done ASAP, which I don’t think he completely understood. I had to wait a couple days longer than I’d expected to wait for the complete assignment. In addition to this miscommunication of services, I found that the site, overall, looked quite unprofessional, which many people also talked about in their reviews.

Prices: 4

I had an issue with the overall costs of the products offered on – For a person in a situation like mine (recently graduated college student), pricing is really important. Unfortunately, the prices I found on the site weren’t that great, especially for my budget. Upon doing research and reading reviews about, most people talked about the flexibility of their pricing. Personally, I didn’t find any such thing. If you’re reading this review and are concerned about the prices offered on this site, be sure to mention it in your review.

Support: 6

One of the best things I experienced on this site were’s support team. As you might find in another review of this site, the team are kind, polite, and don’t have any issue answering questions you ask of them. The reason I didn’t score them higher, however, was due to the fact that they weren’t able to resolve any of the issues I had with the pricing. You’d think that, after hearing out my situation, they’d be a little more receptive to the issues I took with the costs of the products offered.

Delivery: 5

I really needed the project to be completed in a much shorter time frame, but I couldn’t afford much, thanks to the ridiculous prices. needs to price their products better. While the writing was completed in the time frame that I requested, I can’t give this section of the review a higher rating because it’s not the time frame that I actually needed.

Overall Experience: 5.4

I had a decent experience with the team at As you can see by this review and other reviews, the team on the site don’t quite go out of their way to resolve every issue that’s brought to them. Also, the site doesn’t look professional. Overall, the delivery was decent, the support was alright, and the product I received was of good quality. The costs of the products, unfortunately, will probably keep me away from this site in the future.














            • Jessica says:

              Imho, isn’t bad but if I had a friend in need, I would recommend some other options. Looking back on my experience, I must say that 7/10 for quality in this review is a bit too high.

            • jilzay says:

              essaybasics is not bad but it seems that it’s only for rookies or high school students. That’s a shame.

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