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See this review so you can understand the writing services that you will receive from this company.

Quality: 2

It is important for all students to take notice of this review. I am writing this to inform you about my experience with I contacted it to write an essay for me on art history. When I got my paper back, it was riddled with errors. Artists names were spelled wrong, and it didn’t use proper American English. There is no way that I could turn this paper into my professor. It would have been an embarrassment. I had to write the whole paper over. I was very disappointed with the quality of my paper. I should have listened to the other reviews I saw.

Services: 3

The services that Essay-Company claims to offer are extensive, but I am very skeptical that they can deliver on its promises. As I already said in this review, I was very disappointed with the results of my paper. I am giving Essay-Company three stars for its services because I didn’t take them up on everything that it offered as I didn’t need it. I just needed a professionally written paper, which I did not receive.

Prices: 2

When I was deciding to work with this company, I should have listened to the reviews I saw. I could kick myself now as there were many other students that warned that I would be disappointed in its services. The part that really bothers me is that I paid quite a lot for a college student, anyway, to get this paper written that I again couldn’t even use. What a waste! High prices and no paper to show for it. I thought because it charged more its quality would be better. Boy, was I wrong!

Support: 1

Be sure to listen to all the reviews as these students are not lying about what happened to them as it happened to me too. I complained about my paper not being good enough and Essay-Company didn’t offer to help me in any way. It said it could rewrite my paper but what good would that do if it was still going to be poor quality, which is apparently the standard of this online writing service. I wanted my money back, but it refused to give it to me. I was really disappointed.

Delivery: 1

To top everything off, I got my paper sent to me late. I specifically wanted it by Wednesday as it was due for my class the next day. Essay-Company sent it to me at the very last minute on Thursday after I called and complained that it was due in the next hour. I barely had time to get to class after printing it and then I couldn’t turn it in any way because it was so badly written. I had to ask my professor for an extension, and I know he will dock me a grade because of it. As I said, be sure to read the reviews on this company first!

Overall Experience: 1.8

My overall experience with Essay-Company was very poor just like many other reviews of this writing service say. My paper was late, written poorly, and I couldn’t get my money back even after I complained. I recommend avoiding this online writing service at all costs. You can do better with your assignment by choosing another company. Even if you are in a pinch with a paper due in a hurry, it is not worth it to work with Essay-Company as you won’t get your assignment back on time and it will cost you a fortune. Take your business elsewhere!













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