DarwinEssay.net Review

DarwinEssay.net Review
2.7 (54%) 10 votes

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Quality: 4

The essay I received back from DarwinEssay.net wasn’t exactly as I expected. Factually, it was correct but quite weak and wasn’t good enough to get me a high grade as I was led to believe. It was a pass, but in hiring Darwin Essay, I did expect to score quite highly, so that was disappointing. There were also a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes throughout the essay, which I had to change when I got it back as I didn’t have time to ask for revisions. Looking again at their website and reviews, there’s a lot of grammar errors on there too, so I would assume they’ve written them themselves.

Services: 7

The service was reasonably good, in that they seemed to try hard to understand my needs when I first made the order. Darwin Essay appeared to take the time to talk me and to respond to my requests throughout the duration of working with them, and their answers were always quite quick and in depth. However, the service will probably the only thing I give a score as high as 7 for in this DarwinEssay.net review due to the end product I was sent.

Prices: 5

As other reviews I’ve read have stated, the price was reasonable compared to other companies I looked at when searching for an essay writing service. I hadn’t read any DarwinEssay.net reviews which mentioned the poor quality though, and I’m not sure I would have hired them for my essay if I’d have known what to expect. Overall, I wouldn’t say the price is worth the essay as I would have hoped for a stronger piece of work to give me a better grade so the price score on my review has points knocked off with all things considered.

Support: 6

DarwinEssay.net do have quite a good support team while you’re working with them so I do have to mention that in this review. They were quick to respond and were very thorough when I first placed my order in that they asked a lot of questions and had a good conversation with me to establish what I wanted. The support did lack after the essay had been received, as I told them about the spelling and grammar mistakes and requested some money back but I haven’t had a response. I’m hoping they read their DarwinEssay.net reviews and get back to me!

Delivery: 5

As with most of my DarwinEssay.net review, the delivery seemed promising but didn’t materialize as something I was expecting. Darwin Essay made promises on the delivery, and made me think that I’d be top of the class after submitting what they write as I’d read reviews on their website from people who seemed to be other customers which had stated the same. They sent the essay on time and within the deadline we agreed, but the spelling and grammar mistakes aren’t something I thought I’d see and I thought it would have a lot more substance to it.

Overall Experience: 5.4

My overall experience of working with DarwinEssay.net is fairly average. They did make me feel like a valued customer and seemed to take the time to respond to me quickly when I contacted them. Unfortunately, I don’t think I can give them a higher score on this review than 5.4 because of what I received at the end of it. My essay had a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes and, although factually correct, didn’t contain enough strong information to give me the high score I expected. I am still awaiting a response from them regarding my final essay, which has made the experience feel a bit negative. I don’t think I would hire them again.















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