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Here is a review about Custom-Writing for you to read and decide if you want to choose them for your writing assignments.

Quality (5)

In writing this review, I wanted to give an honest overview of using its services. The quality of writing Custom-Writing provided was fine. It didn’t exceed my expectations nor did it overwhelm me in its excellence. Sure, it was free of grammar mistakes, and the structure of my assignment was good, but there was nothing really spectacular to note about how the assignment was written. I would say gave pretty good quality as far as writing services go.

Services (4)

The number of services that are available from is pretty standard for a writing service. It offers writing for almost any type of assignment you could possibly have. It will even edit a paper for you if you have written it yourself. This kind of impressed me as I knew I would be able to use them again for other classes no matter if I had an essay to prepare or a dissertation that was due. All the reviews that I read said the same thing, and I was able to easily find this information on its website.

Prices (5)

Before I decided to work with this writing service company, I read all the reviews I could find. There weren’t many but if gave me an idea of what the prices would be like before I hired them on. You could say that the prices at were right in line with the reviews that I read. It charged fair prices that weren’t really too cheap or too expensive for me. I felt I paid a good price for the service that I received. It would, of course, have been better if they were cheaper but overall it was a fair pricing structure.

Support (4)

The support I was given was minimal. I didn’t really have any issues that required support, but I did see in other reviews that their support is what you would typically expect from an online writing service. It has an online chat on its site where you can ask questions. I did use this when I was first deciding to go with Custom-Writing to ask a few simple questions. They answered my questions pretty quickly and gave me the information that I needed to make by buying decision.

Delivery (6)

My paper was delivered by my deadline without any issue. I haven’t seen any reviews that say otherwise. can be counted on to get your paper to you with in a nominal time and no delays that I am aware of. You are able to select your deadline when you sign up to use their services, so it makes it pretty easy to get your assignment done on time. I personally didn’t have any problems getting my assignment by the deadline, but I had plenty of time to get it done by so I wasn’t worried if didn’t come through for me.

Overall Experience (4.8)

For this review, I would say my experience with was pretty uneventful. It delivered as promised a paper that was good enough for me to turn in for my class and get an average grade. It met all my demands for an assignment without really going above and beyond to impress me. Overall, Custom-Writing is a decent service if you want a fair price without hassle or worry about getting your paper on time. I would probably use its writing services again if I had to or maybe I would look into another online writing service. I’m not really sure.













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