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Quality 4

Before I go into my review, I want to make clear that I was on a tight deadline. So when I had received my paper I was just happy to have received something! That being said, right before handing it in I did a proper check (I procrastinate a lot I know) and found that there were quite a few spelling and grammatical errors…at least enough for myself to know that this wasn’t my writing. My teacher did circle a lot of my mistakes but didn’t say anything or ask me anything afterwards (phew!) So I will have to say that cheapessaysonline could’ve done a better job with my work…especially since the company gotten so many positive reviews.

Services 7

The website layout and everything else was very user friendly. I liked the versatility in what was offered but I really had to wonder if cheapessaysonline could really pull it off. It’s like going to a restaurant that has too many things on the menu…can it really give everyone what they need and keep the quality consistent? Granted, my experience with has been that quality is not quite what you get when you work with them (as what you’ll find when you read the some other reviews.) The one thing that you should get though is a good price…and that isn’t even guaranteed!

Prices 4

I was severely disappointed in the pricing structure that I mean, the reason why even go to cheapessayonline is because you’re looking for “cheap”! I know that in my case I am an exception compared to all the others because I had a 24 hour deadline, but still. It cost more than fifty dollars! I ended up choosing an ESL writer who was from India. I really believe that the reason why I had so many spelling and sentence structure errors was because Pradeep’s (my writer) English is different from US English. This should be mentioned in the FAQ (granted not many reviews talked about this).

Support 7

The customer support was good. I was pleased with how quickly the team got back to me. If there’s anything genuinely positive that I can say in my review is that they do a good job of taking you through the process. This helped me a lot as I was somewhat panicky when I ultimately signed up for their services. I mean…I had 24 hours to turn in a paper or I was going to fail that class! I had only found another review that talked about this part of their services; so I’ll be the first to mention that their support team is good.

Delivery 6

The assignment was delivered to me in a zip file. The reviews that I had read said that this was how it would be delivered. There was nothing negative about the delivery but there was nothing amazing about it either. The only suggestion that I can make in this cheapessayonline review is that they could let us know via PM that the zip has been sent. This would reduce the chances of accidentally opening a trojan virus, for example.

Overall Experience 5.6

I’ll sum up my review by giving them a 5.6 out of 10. The experience itself was simple and pleasing enough. The quality of the product, however, was subpar. For a company that has so many positive reviews and that uses the word “cheap” as part of its domain name, I was expecting something much more affordable for college students. I would only use them again if I truly had no other option.













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            • Otto says:

              well… the prices at cheapessaysonline are good, that’s true but the rest should be improved. unresponsive support agents and inconsistent writing

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