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I have heard about BestDissertation and after reading some reviews to have some feedback about it, I decided to prove their service myself. I wanted to make sure I could trust what they claimed, and these are the things concluded in my review.

Quality – 5

I did feel the professionalism when reaching to dissertation writing and I want to highlight it in this review. Everyone who has ever gotten close to dissertation writing knows it is hard. I decided to seek the help of and I got it. I got in contact with a US degree writer and he followed my dissertation format from the start. He was aware of the newest methodologies I could follow, and we had few discussions about the thesis proposal. But, as good as my writer seemed good to me, this individual often disappeared without notice and there was nothing to do about it. I have heard about this issue in some reviews and sadly, I experienced it. This is a big mistake, as schedule is crucial at the task of dissertation writing.

Services – 6

The services provide are sometimes too simple but okay. They Indeed cover all the chapters a good dissertation counts with -from abstract to the discussion part-, but a more in-depth description is needed. In this review, I expect my audience to be vary, with a lot of student audience that is relying on my opinion to get their dissertation writing properly done. So, I have read in some reviews about this lack of precision being solved by writers, but it is not always the case. The overall quality of Bestdissertation is good, but it should be consistent.

Prices – 5

One of the most important aspects of a dissertation paper is the time to write. And if you procrastinated too much and your thesis presentation is close, it will be very expensive. I read some reviews that talked about how much they found useful the fact this site offers free Outline, amendments, title page, bibliography and formatting. Personally, I can say that it is remarkable, and it does help. But overall prices are high and not everyone can afford it. Bestdissertation structures payment in standard, advanced and premium levels, and the greatest downside was having to pay for the premium level and receiving something I would consider merely standard.

Support – 3

This is definitely the biggest downside about this site, as it does not help users at all. It is frustrating how late they answered any demand, as I received my dissertation paper out of schedule. Bestdissertation is good as long as you do not experience any problem. This is the worst problem I found about this website and I just cannot forget it when writing this review.

Delivery – 5

My dissertation paper was 3 days late. Some people may not find this an issue, as I have seen in some reviews, but I could not stop thinking about someone who those 3 days might have ruined their entire project. Time is crucial in this line of work, and if the writer does not respect the time of its client, there is definitely a problem. My experience in delivering was below average, and maybe I just had bad luck with in this matter. But it is still a fact to be pointed out.

Overall Experience – 4.8

In these review you will have some mixed thoughts about this site. In the end, achieves tasks in a good enough way. Sadly, this way might not be good enough for the importance a dissertation requires. Everything depends on the particular user experience and it should not be this way.













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            • Linda says:

              I don’t know why but this goddamn ‘best dissertation’ company doesn’t follow my instructions at all. Methodology and literature review sections seem to have been written by a 5 year old kid!

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