Why do we need art?

Even though artists have been more recognized and awarded than ever, there are a lot of people who still do not appreciate art, that underestimate it, and consider we just do not need it. But is this true? Do we really need art in our lives as human beings? To answer this we need to start from the very beginning of art. And if you need to write an essay on this topic, don’t forget to visit paperwritten.com.

Why do we have art?

Art is not an invention that was created yesterday, not a hundred years nor a century ago. One of the greatest expressions of art we can find is the cave of Altamira, in Spain. In this cave – also called by art historians the ‘Sistine Chapel of the Paleolithic’ – people can find paintings that date from at least 35 thousand years ago. And these paintings do not only mean symbols people used for magic rituals, but are one of the purest methods of communication. And that is how art should be understood – as one of the purest methods of communication where the poetic function is the one that prevails over the others. Today, even though art is still as subjective but even more conceptual than ever, it still works as way to send a message to a multitude.

Why do we need art in our lives?

The moment where the ‘beauty’ and the ‘intelligible’ ruled over art is gone. Today, since art is so conceptual, it might me unintelligible, and since it is so subjective, it might be considered beautiful by some, and just senseless by others. But still, it is undeniable that a lot of the art that is produced has a message. Art is now for us a microphone we can speak with, we can express our opinions with. Art is for us our newest method to yell when totalitarianism has forbid people to express themselves; to criticize governments when they are not doing things the way they should, to let others know we exist and we matter. It does not matter if it comes in the form of a painting, a sculpture, a TV series, a videogame, a song, or any other form; art stands up for people. Why do we need art? Because it is for us our most graceful way for achieving catharsis, to let go our fears, and to purify our souls.

Why do we need art in school?

People always tell kids and teenagers that they must study something that can allow them to earn a lot of money. Being a doctor, a scientist, an engineer, those are the things people tell their kids they should be because they consider people cannot make a living with art. But that is a lie. Kids and teenagers should be surrounded with art, they should know that it exists, and that they can express themselves through it, and that they can become great artists if they want to do so. They must understand that art is a vital part of us and that it is through it that we free ourselves from the ropes religion, the government and any other ideology could use to tie us.
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