Who invented homework assignments?

Homework is a vital part of the education system almost all around the world. No matter the level of education – primary, elementary, high school, and even college – homework is daily used by teachers. Kids, teens and adults are always in a constant suffering because of how much homework professors make them do. And even though it was created centuries ago, the motive why it was used might have changed through the years. If you need help with your paper, don’t hesitate to visit paperwritten.com.

When was homework invented?

Even though there is not a reliable register that states this, it is said that the first people who probably used the concept of homework were either the Egyptians or the Romans. The first records of homework date from 1905, in Venice. But who created homework? It is said that its creator was a professor called Roberto Nevilis. This is the name of the man who invented homework and doomed almost all students around the globe.

Why was homework invented?

The original purpose of homework was not to punish students, as it is commonly used nowadays. The idea of homework was, first, to help students practice what was learned on class sessions. Second, to help students develop a critical thinking that allows them to generate questions which will later be answered by the professor. Finally, homework would be a way to progress with class sessions in a faster and easier way.
Obviously, the way homework are done in this day and time is way too different from 1905. Internet came in to help students and also professors. There is more information about it on writing-reviews.com.

Should homework still be used by professors?

This question is the base of an intense debate that started some years ago. Some consider that kids and teenagers should not have homework to do, especially if it was imposed by the professor as a punishment. Kids and teens should have time for doing extra activities such as playing an instrument, playing sports, painting, and so on. Besides, kids and teens should count with time to help their families at home doing certain duties such as washing the dishes, cleaning their rooms, and even helping to do breakfast or dinner. On the other hand, there are people that argument that without homework, there is no way kids could practice what they learned and, therefore, will forget the topics they studied on classes. Besides, this group agrees that kids should have time for doing homework and other activities – like helping at home, playing sports, playing an instrument, and even playing videogames – because that will help them to learn how to organize their time and put priorities first. But then, are we underestimating or overestimating our kids and teens?
It does not matter your position regarding this debate, it must be accepted that the original purpose of homework, just as Roberto Nevilis – the person who invented homework – intended, has been distorted. Maybe professors can agree on a middle ground sending kids less homework, one more focused on the things students must improve, and practicing more on classes to reinforce the knowledge gained during each session.On the meanwhile, this debate will still be raging.