High school research paper topics

For teenagers, high school is one of the stages of life when they start discovering who they are and who they want to be. One of the goals of high school teachers is that teenagers learn how to do a research. A teenager is in a stage when he or she should not take for granted what he or she reads on social media, but to be able of doing a proper research based on reliable source to prove if what is being explained on social media is true or not, and more information that just some tweets or comments. I will explain a little bit the importance of doing research for teenagers, and I will also give some good research paper topics.

Why should a high school student do a research?

In this stage, teenagers should handle the necessary tools to develop what is called ‘critical thinking’. What is critical thinking? It is not taking things for granted. It is to question things. Why do they happen? How do they happen? Do they happen the way some people tell? What does this imply in our society? Teens who develop a critical thinking will not only read a topic and will understand it. They will investigate further to know all the details, they will understand concepts and theories, they will question facts, they will verify data, they will compare points of view, they will make and then confirm hypothesis, and they will get to conclusions based on their interpretation of all the data they gather. Developing a critical thinking will allow teenagers to not have biased ideas, to understand things are not just black and white but that there are many shades of grey, and that not everything you find online is completely true. Except for the great reviews on writing-reviews.com.

What is the importance of choosing the research paper topics high school students write?

At this age, teenagers are full of biased concepts, prejudices, and theories based on no reliable sources. The research papers they write should help them clear their doubts about the topics they are interested in, and could even work as a guide for them to know what they could study in college.

Who should chose the research paper topics high school students write?

It should be an agreement between the professor and the student. In that way it would be a topic that the student is interested in, that is worthy to research, and that has been approved by the professor.

Some good ideas of high school research paper topics:

  1. Overpopulation.

  2. The importance of art.

  3. Why is English a global language?

  4. Depression.

  5. Pros of playing videogames.

  6. Influence of social networks.

  7. Organic food.

  8. Extinction of animals during the last decade.

  9. The process of the coffee (from the grain until it is served as a drink).

  10. Breastfeeding.

  11. The influence of internet on the marketing world.

  12. Plagiarism.

  13. Feminism.

  14. Human rights.

  15. Artivism.

  16. Homosexuality.

  17. Racism and xenophobia.

  18. The importance of Latin and old Greek.

  19. Totalitarianism vs. Freedom of speech.

  20. Religion and science.

  21. Critical thinking.

  22. Space travel.

  23. Love according to Romanticism vs. 21st century love.

  24. Interculturalism.

  25. Auterism vs. Commercial films.

  26. Cryptocurrencies.

  27. The history of music.

  28. Prostitution.

  29. The art of a TV series.

  30. Euthanasia.