Why do I want to be a nurse?

One of the things no one asks us in college is ‘why do you want to be a nurse?’ Professors seem to know this answer, or they just take it for granted. For me, choosing to be a nurse was a decision I made – I am not being a nurse because it is a family tradition nor because I was pushed to do so. But for many other students, nursing is just another degree, and even though they do not totally dislike it, they simply do not know what are they doing studying it. But nursing is a career that demands love: loving what you do, loving take care of others, loving giving your time and effort for the well-being of others. Then, every one of us – nursing students – should know why we are here.
What I want with this essay is not only to express why I want to be a nurse, but also what I consider people should talk about when trying to answer this question.

What is the importance of writing an essay on why I want to be a nurse?

When one of our professors told us to do this why you want to be a nurse essay, I could not agree more with it. I consider every person should ask this before starting the degree. Why? Because – no matter the career you choose – you should always do what you love, what you feel passionate for. And answering this question is one of the best ways to do this introspective test, to find out if you are really into the degree. Writing an essay so personal will help you think about who you are, who do you want to be, and what is your goal in life. It will allow you to know yourself better, to know your fears and your strengths.

Then what would happen if you do not write an essay on why you want to be a nurse?

I am recommending people to do this essay before starting the nursing degree. That way, people can start the degree fully aware of who they are, who they want to be, and their strengths and weakness. Not answering this question before starting your nursing degree will lead you to a lot of insecurities. ‘Am I the right one for this degree?’ ‘Do I really want to be here?’ Those were current thoughts my first year. Even though I wanted to lead my life through this path, I still had certain doubts. And those doubts were cleared after writing this essay.

What should you find after writing a why I want to be a nurse essay?

After writing this essay, you should read it and honestly say ‘I am the right person for this profession’, and ‘I count with everything that it is required to live up to the nursing lifestyle’. After reading your essay, you should notice that you count with a lot of love to give to people. You should notice as well that you are willing to give your patience, your time, your effort and your knowledge in order to take care of others and improve their lifestyle. You should count with an iron will to spend hours around of sick and wounded strangers, ready for the worst that could happen, but willing to do your best.

What did I find out after writing my why do I want to be a nurse essay?

I found out I do have the love and the patience for the nursing lifestyle. I also found out I still am scared of spending each and every day in a hospital, but that I know I will learn to organize myself in order to have time for my job, my family, and myself.Thanks to this essay, I know better now the things I need to improve to be the nurse I want to be.