How to beat turnitin? Here are the answers

Does turnitin cheat tricks work? That’s exactly what I was looking to know when researching and compiling this article. TURNITIN is a plagiarism tool used by most college lecturers when marking their students’ papers. I browsed different message boards and blogs just to find out the tricks students are using to beat TURNITIN. Although some of their hints sounded strange, some of them were ready to try them.

  1. Substituting a usual English character like e with a non-English like è. The two look almost similar and students use them hoping to confuse TURNITIN. But can this fool turnitin? Some scholars think it can. The truth, however, is that this hint is flawed because TURNITIN is likely to identify many changes similar to this one, turn them back to English Language and then assess its database. So you are most likely going to be caught cheating TURNITIN.
  2. Replacing spaces with white colored font characters. Those I found talking about this tip thought it could keep the word count down without being caught. In other words, write fewer words than required and fill up the remaining words with white colored font characters. At the same time, the method was seen as a great way to mask duplicated content in a page. While there are some scholars who sworn by this trick, there is still likelihood that one could be caught fooling. But how can this be? TURNITIN always look for abnormal word lengths in each page. If you use this ploy, you will likely be found out.
  3. Place copied content in quotation marks. In theory, this hint might seem to work. The expectation is that TURNITIN will recognize the material as a direct quote and skip it. The reality is different; however, as TURNITIN will spot this trap if the relevant feature is turned on. But if it’s turned off by your lecturer, some quoted content might be overlooked. When using this trap, don’t put a lot of copied content in quotes. The software will notify your tutor and you will be caught trying to fool turnitin.
  4. Copy-paste content online but alter it with a few words. This is the silliest Turnitin cheat method. Whether you copy-paste a whole Wiki article or a portion of it, TURNITIN will beat you to it. It will highlight the percentage you have copied. If you chop up some text and add your own thoughts, you will not get away with it. This clever software will capture that too, it will produce a small yellow line next to the altered content.
  5. PDF file layers. This technique is not perfect for everybody, yet it is the one you are likely to have a high success rate with. So the goal is to have a PDF file rather than a word file. The PDF file has at least two layers (visual layer and text layer). If the unseen text layer is changed, you can then copy-paste the text from the PDF to Word or Notepad. The result will look like garbage characters. Surprisingly, the text itself will stay the same on the visual PDF layer. So when your tutor introduces your paper into TURNITIN, the electronic reading will check the hidden layer. This will make it impossible to show that the visible text is plagiarized. This one will not work as well unless used very cleverly and cautiously.

Now students know how to cheat turnitin

Now you know how to cheat turnitin and I would conclude that the tricks I have shared hardly works out. TURNITIN software is currently the top plagiarism checker in the academic field and that’s why you are likely to be found out. If you want to try these tricks to bypass turnitin, do it at your own risk. Otherwise, have your paper written by someone who doesn’t need to copy-paste content from the internet. Go to and read reviews that will help you find a good assistant.