How long does it take to write a 10-page essay?

I know that many students do not like writing essays at all and when it is a 10-page paper that is needed, it is even worse. To make it as easy as possible, here is a guide on how to write 10-page paper one and get a good grade. If a one or two-page essay is required, then there is a fair chance that it will be done with little or no complaints. The problems arise when there are 10 pages asked for and students will ask as one “how long does it take to write a 10-page essay?” With a little background research, it should not take too long and the distress that was first felt can be forgotten.
Great writing skills will be needed, and not all college students possess this – especially when they are first starting out. It takes time to learn how to organize both time and material and at the start there may not be the relationship with a tutor that will allow them to discuss their fears and ask for guidance. If you still feel a little unsure, then visit for advice.

How to write a 10-page essay if I don’t have any ideas?

You can be overwhelmed when sitting down and realizing that you have written the title and nothing else. Over time you will have become used to the sort of shorter essays you were asked for and this is going to take you out of your comfort zone. There is going to be a lot of planning put in and even the sources you use may take a little while to get used to. These papers cannot be written in front of the TV and rushed through on the day before the deadline even if you manage that with shorter ones. It is going to take a lot of honing of your writing skills, and the need to give up on some of your social life/relaxation to become comfortable writing a 10- page essay.
Formatting is going to be important. If you use a specific font and spacing, you will find it much easier to write 10 pages. 12-point font combined with double spacing will be what you wish for. The issue could be when your tutor gives a font and spacing and cruelly snatches this option from you. Soon you will find out writing ten-page paper takes concentration but can be done.

Unique tips that will help you write a 10 page essay

I would tend to write the introduction right away, and then if I was aware of what the conclusion would be do that as well. This should not take long and will give you a sense of achievement. You have completed a good section of the paper in a short period of time and have also – hopefully – got both parts reflecting each other.
The body is the part that is going to test your stamina. You must back up what you have put at the beginning and the end. An outlining tool will give you the chance to set out your views and keep everything well organized. Be as detailed as you can be as you do have to have enough information to fill a 10-page paper. Past students will be happy to tell you about the help they received from


Hopefully once you have finished your 10-page essay you will be happy, but it will be best to check through to make sure everything is OK. When you first check it should be the obvious little things you pick up on such as ensuring it is easy to read, then if there is still a problem, such as not reaching the full 10 pages, expand on your thoughts or add another point of view.