Writemypaper.net Review

Writemypaper.net Review
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Quality: 7

Overall, I didn’t have any issues here. While I certainly have a personal bar that’s extremely high (for myself and others who are editing my work), the job I requested was completed, and that was that. In case you’re curious, I approached writemypaper.net for a re-edit of a 2000-word essay. After reading the writemypaper.net reviews, I may have expected too much from the site. After the job was completed, however, I was satisfied.

Services: 4

I wouldn’t write such a dense review if there wasn’t something I wanted to bring to the attention of future writemypaper website users. I was rather disappointed with the services aspect of my experience. First, I found it quite difficult to navigate to the appropriate area (I needed proofreading/editing, rather than writing). Once I found the appropriate editor for my needs, the writer didn’t seem to initially perform well on the job. I believe it was an issue of keeping the UK language consistent with the essay since my professor despises US spelling in the English language. Lastly, finding comprehensive writemypaper.net reviews was quite difficult, making me unsure about the services they offered.

Prices: 4

I had to pay a lot more money than I’d expected to pay for an essay re-write. Once again, I ran into an issue with the amount of thorough reviews of the services of writemypaper. I couldn’t find any information talking about pricing which made my life difficult, in the long run. Looking back on the experience, it appears that the price I paid (300 dollars) is rather normal for such a service. If you’ve used the services on the site and plan to write a writemypaper.net review, it would help prospective customers to better understand the service if you briefly talk about its cost. Another issue I ran into on writemypaper.net is the fact that, as a student, the price was comparable to something such as rent. It would be nice to know pricing details before choosing a service.

Customer Service: 5

Due to how little I knew before using the services of writemypaper.net, I had many lengthy conversations with the site’s customer support team. I had a couple specific questions, mainly relating to having to re-edit the US-based editor’s writing to UK-English. It appeared that the customer service team hadn’t heard a similar question to mine, although they were obviously courteous and polite while we discussed the issues I was having. Thankfully, I had all my issues resolved (albeit slowly). Once again, I couldn’t find any reviews that discussed customer support details.

Delivery: 7

My paper arrived in a timely manner, with a supplemental note from the editor. This part of the process is what seems to be written about the most in customer’s reviews. I got the grade I wanted to get but had to do a little more work on my end, because of the difficulties the editor was having with UK English.

Final Score: 5.4

This is neither a positive or a negative review. The experience was decent, to say the least. There are some things that the site needs to tweak, however, in order to fulfill the needs of students or prospective customers in positions similar to mine. The support team was nice but inadequately equipped to answer the questions I posed. It would be a great thing if future users could write reviews that detailed important information in a better way. Please, for future reference, compose a review about the site if you use it. Compose the title of the review to appear as writemypaper.net review, as well!















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            • Quincy P says:

              They are the worst company EVER!!!! I received my paper 3 days early and the result I received was exactly that. RUSHED WITH LOTS OF MISTAKES!!! My writer John can not write at all. He wrote my business proposal in third person which has me thinking how old is this writer. I asked him to fix it many of times and every time it will still be messed up with lots of corrections. I reported to customer service that is nonexistent for a refund with no luck. I threw $80 in the garbage. I regret being cheap and going to this company.

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