How To Write A Great Essay On Women Rights

Writing an essay is not an easy task. It requires a great deal of research, study and creativity to write a good and high quality essay. When you are writing an essay on a vast topic such as women rights, it is important to research for it thoroughly. That is so because ‘women rights’ has been a considerable topic for quite some time. However, because of the vastness of this topic, many people make foolish mistakes, which you can avoid to keep the quality of the essay above par. For more help, be sure to visit

Writing the introduction:

As it is the beginning of the essay, you would want the reader to get a little brief about the topic. You can start by addressing the history of women’s struggles for equality. The best way to start your essay would be through a quotation. It gives a strong message to the audience and goes to show your intentions clearly. For example, the first sentence of your essay could be a quotation from a great activist or a renowned expert in a respective field. It could be a Nobel laureate or a sports personality, such Mala Yousufzai or Selena Williams.

Such beginning will help you grasp the attention of the reader immediately. It will help you in showing that you have extensive knowledge on this topic as well. Make sure that the quote is of a women rights’ activist. As for the rest of the introduction, keep in mind that you do not have to keep it humongous.

Writing the body:

After writing the introduction, you would want to keep the reader engaged in the body of your essay. Body of the essay is the main structure that will determine whether it remains powerful or not.

Remember to keep the points of body in mind beforehand. You should jot them down before beginning the body because they will help you keep the structure of the essay clean and proper. A well-structured essay helps the reader in keeping a steady flow of reading without diminishing the interest. Following are some tips you can follow for writing your essay’s body:

Understanding your essay:

Women’s rights struggle can be focused on a particular country or continent. it can also be focused on religious topics such as ‘Women’s struggle in Christianity’. It is important for you to understand the topic of your essay in detail so you can avoid confusion and doubts. If you are looking for essay writing companies reviews, come to

Focusing on facts:

Research plays a big role in keeping the essay authentic and engaging. Vague words will not get their due importance in the minds of readers. You can throw a few numbers in between to instill more interest in the reader. For example, here is a fact that you can use in your essay,’ Women are paid significantly less in comparison to men across the whole globe’. Such facts enhance the authenticity of the essay and make sure that the reader keeps reading further. However, you will have to put some effort in researching. Statistics regarding the conditions of women related to your topic can help you drive the reader. You can mention the increasing level of sexual violence as around one-tenth female population has faced this issue at some point of their lives. This is a fact of UNICEF. Research can help you find similar facts easily. You can research online and make your essay innovative and unique.

Concluding the essay:

After writing the body and intro, make sure you conclude all the topics clearly. Do not hesitate in discussing your opinion on this issue but choose the words cautiously as you want to keep the essay healthy and powerful.