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Quality (2)

To be honest, I’ve read several WiseEssays.com reviews over the last couple of days. They all complain about various problems. So, to see whether these reviews have any truth to them, we decided to write a review of our own. And truth be told, we are surprised that this academic writing service is still in business. We ordered a pretty simple essay on a trivial topic in geography. The paper we received was horrendous. There were grammar and spelling mistakes all over the place. This was clearly not written by a native English writer (like they claim on their website). Also, the paper did not follow any relevant academic writing standards. There was no flow. There was copied and pasted content from other sources. We didn’t find a references section. Bottom line, all the other WiseEssays.com reviews were accurate. This company is not able to write an essay, no matter the topic.

Services (5)

The company gets a higher score for its services. They offer to write any academic paper on any subject and topic. Also, they claim that their “experienced” writers and “professional” editors can proofread and edit your work. They claim they can make it perfect, so you can be almost sure that you get a top grade on your essay. Truth be told, we do not believe anything WiseEssays.com has to say. They clearly demonstrated that their writers are unable to write an original essay. How can people who can’t write a paper proofread and edit something? How can you be sure that their staff will make sure you get a top grade? This is simply not possible; not with their clear lack of writing skills and experience. WiseEssays gets a 5 here just because they listed some services in addition to essay writing. So don’t get your hopes up.

Prices (3)

Many reviews complained about the high prices. We have to be honest with you; this company really doesn’t deserve a review. But, in any case, let’s talk about prices. The price per page is way too high for this level of quality. You will not get any decent quality from this company, so you will just be wasting your money and your time. Regardless of what service you order from these people, you will receive a subpar paper. They will not be able to edit or proofread your work. You will not get a better grade. This is why we are advising you to not pay any money to this company. It gets an 3 in our WiseEssays.com review, without any doubt.

Support (5)

When working with WiseEssays.com, don’t expect any kind of support. These people are not going to help you or answer any of your questions. And yes, we did test their support department, just like we always do when we write a review. We sent them several messages and 3 emails. However, like we expected, we did not receive an answer. In addition, we contacted Support when we saw the horrible quality of the essay. At least they answered, telling us that the paper was OK. This makes it clear to us that this company does not care about students at all. Once they get the money, they won’t care about your essay. And of course, don’t expect to see a penny back either. The company gets a 5 just because they wrote one – poorly written – answer.

Delivery (3)

WiseEssays did not respect the deadline. We saw this coming, of course, after reading other reviews. The writer sent the paper 20 hours late. No explanation, no apologies – nothing! We just received an email letting us know that you “amazing” essay was done and that we should log in to the website to download it. At least the Download feature worked correctly. WiseEssays gets another well-deserved 3 here.

Overall Experience (2)

The overall experience was horrible. WiseEssays.com cannot be trusted to write even a short essay on a trivial topic. Their writers are not native English speakers, their support department is nonexistent, and the deadlines are just there as rough guidelines. We are very disappointed by their services and by their clear lack of respect for their clients. As such, we see no other option than to give the company a 2 rating for Overall Experience in our WiseEssays.com review. In other words, stay away from this writing service!















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