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Quality: 1

The work I got back was the most worthless writing I have ever seen in my life! I was utterly disappointed with what I got back. I’m an English major and needed help with my British literature work (hence why I chose Needless to say that there were a number of things that went wrong…including the quality. The essays came in different zip files (why didn’t the guy just put them in one file?) The work was shoddy at best: Very basic vocabulary that kept repeating itself. Is this guy really a professional? Yes…get ready for a very negative review.

Services: 2

Since I spent my hard-earned money and actually needed good work done I naturally contacted customer service. They were slow and just as useless as the writer. I swear, I wished that the reviews that I had taken the time to read said something about the “services” that UKassignments provide. Needless to say I couldn’t get a refund or other work done. They said “take it or leave it” (very un-British of them…) They also had very limited options for what I wanted done. My case was specific (needed a British perspective on British literature and hired because I didn’t have any English friends) and there was no option to choose anything close to what I really needed. The only reason why I’m giving a “2” on this review is because the customer service team responded right away.

Prices: 1

One word: Overpriced! I just needed a 1000 word essay done. It was supposed to be a piece of cake – but it turned out to be a nightmare! The price was excessive. Sadly I was in a hurry to get this done so I had no choice. Had I done given myself more time, I would have actually read more reviews to know what I was getting myself into. Again I’m a full-time student so 50 bucks is a big chunk of change. I couldn’t believe that it was that much. Take my review seriously and stay away from!

Support: 3

Actually the UKassignments customer service lady was polite and nice (which some of the reviews that I had read had said). She just couldn’t do anything and I reckon that her boss was egging her to be curt with me as our conversation continued. Again I didn’t get my money back and it turned out that I didn’t get much help either. Honestly, they could’ve given me a partial refund or something so that I could get the essay done elsewhere.

Delivery: 1

It was a massive file. I couldn’t believe that none of the reviews talked about this. It was really a shock that I got files sent as if it were the 1990s. Doesn’t this “writer” know how to send files properly. Again if the guy was new at the job it would’ve been fine if I would’ve gotten my money back. So all I have to say in this review is that the delivery was as sloppy as could be.

Overall: 1.6

Avoid my mistake and plan ahead. Read the reviews before going for it. In fact I’d say stay away of UKassignments! Their services are clunky, their writers are unprofessional and behind the times, and their prices are unjustified. If you’re a student like me who’s working part time then do yourself and go elsewhere for your papers. I really hope that you’re one of the lucky ones who has found my review. Do yourself a favor and stay away from this company like the plague that it is! Review














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