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Quality: 2

This is my review of and the services they provided me. I have to say I was extremely disappointed with the quality of paper that I received from On its website, it promised that it offers to proofread for every paper that it does. This just simply wasn’t the case as UK.BestEssays gave me a paper that was riddled with errors. There was no way that I could turn this into my professor and expect to get a good grade. Sure, the research was OK, but the level of grammar used was not up to par for a college level paper that I expected to receive.

Services: 3

In this review, I am giving UK.BestEssays a higher score because it does offer a lot of services that you can use. Unfortunately, if it cannot produce a paper that is good enough quality, I am not sure it matters how many services it offers if it can’t deliver. Be sure you read all the reviews that are out there. I wish I had, so I would have known to go with another online writing service instead.

Prices: 1

The prices at are quite expensive. For me, this seemed to be a good sign as I thought it was more along the lines of you’d get a higher quality paper by paying a little bit more. This was not the case, however. I paid what I thought was a hefty fee to have my paper written, and it did not produce the results I was expecting in the end. A lot of the reviews all say this, but I chose not to listen which was a big mistake. Don’t make the same error as me in this regard.

Support: 1

When I contacted about the poor quality of my paper, it did little to help me. Sure, it offered to rewrite my paper, but I couldn’t take a chance that it would be written to the same level of poor quality again. I had a deadline to meet for my class, and instead, I wrote the paper myself and chose to write this review instead so other college students would be aware of the experience I had. I hope it helps you to know that this is not the best online writing service to go with.

Delivery: 2

Just like all the other reviews state, delivers right at the very last minute. Nothing like making you sweat it out waiting for your paper. Really, I had a very simple assignment to be completed so it shouldn’t have taken as long as they took to do it. When I finally received my paper, it was such a disappointment that I had to let others know by writing a review that could help warn college students about UK.BestEssays.

Overall Experience: 1.8

Overall, I am giving low marks in one of these online reviews because I was very unhappy with the level of paper I received from them. It had obvious errors that should have been caught by their supposed proofreaders, and the only solution it offered to the situation was to rewrite the paper, but it couldn’t promise me better results. My advice to all college students is to take a minute to read all the reviews that are out there about UK.BestEssays and make an informed decision by what you see online. I guarantee that you will be happier choosing another online writing service for your college assignments.













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