Quality: 3

Overall, I feel that the quality of my thesis paper was satisfactory. I ordered an originally written thesis paper. The grammar was good and the structure was ok. I just feel that more research could have been packed into this paper. That was really the only complaint that I had. My thesis topic was on solutions that can disperse violent gangs in society. I felt that the writer could have gone more into depth on the history of gangs and their purposes. But other than that, the quality was good enough.

Services: 4 has some useful services. The website states that their professional staff can write thesis papers and dissertations on any topic under the sun. They guarantee satisfaction. It is easy to place an order through their site. This site is specifically designed for thesis and dissertation papers and I think it does a good job at catering to these particular needs. I think their services are satisfactory. The website was kind of plain, but that is just a minor detail that can be overlooked. The company boasts that its staff consists of only highly trained and educated writers. That grabbed my attention, but my paper was only mediocre.

Prices: 4

I’m in school so that I can become a high-paid professional, but I’m not there just yet. At the moment, I’m still a financially stressed student and I am on a budget. The prices at were the going rate as other professional writing services. However, I could have used lower rates or a discount of some sort. I felt like a lower price would have also matched the quality, as it was good but not great. However, I really wanted this project done so I went ahead and paid the cost. I’m not sure if I would do it again.

Support: 4

The support from this writing company was pretty good. I always got timely responses to my questions and concerns. These responses weren’t immediate, but they were done at least within 10 hours after the question was given. I was given thorough answers and given updates on the status of my thesis. This eased my nerves, because of the importance of this project to my educational career. The company made it easy for me to keep track of the process of my paper.

Delivery: 5

My thesis paper was delivered by the set due date. I was expecting it to be sent exactly at midnight on this day, but I didn’t arrive in my inbox until 7AM that morning. It’s a good thing my paper wasn’t due until noon, but the delivery would have been too late if it were due sooner. I was just happy to receive the paper when it came. My paper was sent with a nice letter to me from the writer that explained what exactly went into this paper. It was a warm, personalized touch that I really appreciated. It also helped me to understand the paper.

Overall Experience: 4

I’m glad that I went ahead and used this writing service for my thesis paper. I am confident that I turned in a satisfactory paper, but I know it wasn’t mind-blowing. I think the next time I will search for other writing companies just to see what they have to offer. I am just glad that I had a paper to submit on the actual due date of my assignment. Using a writing service for my thesis really saved me time. I can’t say that I would’ve done a better job if I had written this thesis myself. So, I’m happy this company exists. I just can’t say that it is superb.













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