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Quality: 8

I am absolutely amazed at how well-written my essay is. I remember that the reviews that I had read were positive but I didn’t expect it to be this good! My paper was on the historical causes for the bronze age collapse. To be honest there isn’t much literature on this time period (which is why I needed help in the first place.) Not only were there many sources cited in my finished product, but the writing style was exactly what I needed! It was so good that I wanted to write my own review just to let people know how good they can get it with Thesisgeek.

Service: 7

The writer was very professional and courteous throughout my entire thesisgeek experience. Before I continue I must let you know that I had tried other writing companies before trying Again this is because for my particular field of study it is challenging to find someone who can do the writing. It’s also hard to know from the reviews what subject the reviewer needed help with. Anyway, my writer was able to put me at ease and to get my paper done the exact way I wanted it. He even added some things to it that made it stand out even more. I like his usage of footnotes…it clearly shows that he has experience in this area. Needless to say that I not only did I get my desired grade, but a positive review from my professor too!

Prices: 7

I found the pricing to be very fair. I read many testimonials that said the same thing and I would have to agree with those. You get more than what you pay for, and in all honesty, if you’re in a tough spot as I was then it is more than worth it order from

Support: 8

I didn’t deal much with thesisgeek’s customer support so do take what I say in my review with a grain of salt. I had only contacted them to ask if I could pay using Paypal. They responded right away and answered my query. Usually customer service teams take 24 to 48 hours to get back to you. Unfortunately most reviews out there don’t talk about the customer service so it’s hard to know this unless you experience it for yourself. I haven’t tried calling so I can’t say anything about that.

Delivery: 10

I really liked how quickly my paper had arrived. I also liked that it was encrypted (I didn’t want my other classmates to know that I was using a writing company for my papers!) My writer was very professional in notifying me of its arrival and it was delivered well within my deadline request. I was able to open the files easily and do a quick double-check. It’s like what most the reviews say: you’ll get your paper within your deadline guaranteed!

Overall: 8

I am overwhelmingly satisfied with this company (just in case you couldn’t tell after having read my review!) The product was much more than I had expected. The pricing was well within my budget and perhaps it could’ve been more expensive. The writer was very understanding and did an excellent job with the research and writing. The customer service team handled my query professionally. What else can I say in my review? I’m extremely pleased with them (and this is after having tried many other companies before and leaving less-than-positive reviews for those.) If you’ve made it this far I strongly suggest that you get this essay-writing company to do your paper too.













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