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Quality (7)

There weren’t many reviews online, so I decided to give this writing company a try. Big mistake! I ordered an essay on a pretty simple topic in mathematics as part of my review. And wow! It was horrible. The paper was full of errors, both spelling and grammar. It is clear that there is no editorial department and that the writers are novices. I really doubt that their writers are native English speakers, even though the company claims they are. However, there is also a bright side. The paper was somewhat interesting and it was original. The writer really did his best to write something, and I really do appreciate this. This being said, the company gets a 7 score in my review. With some guidance from an editor and with more experience, the writer has the potential to create some very nice papers.

Services (4)

The services are basic. Very basic. And most other reviews complain about this as well. This website basically writes dissertations and theses. This is what they claim they do. However, given the quality of the paper I received, I really doubt they can pull off a 100-page thesis. They say that they offer proofreading and editing services. However, they refused when I asked them about it. And when you see the many mistakes in their writers’ writing, you instantly realize that there are no editors on board. doesn’t have an editorial department, so there really isn’t anyone who can edit or proofread your work. Don’t even try it! The company gets the lowest grade here: a 4.

Prices (2)

I am still amazed by how much they charged me for a paper that was full of errors and typos. These people are more expensive than seasoned academic writers who write flawless papers. SupremeDissertations really needs to reconsider its prices. The price per page is unacceptably high for this level of quality. Yes, if they would have sent me an exceptionally written paper, SupremeDissertations would have received a B here or perhaps even an A. But as it stands, I am simply unable to give this service more than a 2 in my review. In other words, you pay a lot of money for copy that is mediocre and poorly written. I suggest you take your business elsewhere.

Support (2)

I’ve seen people complain about the support department in many reviews. But I really didn’t think it can be this bad. After I received the essay, I immediately emailed the support department to complain about the poor quality. I also sent them 2 messages on their website. didn’t even bother to respond until 2 days later. And they told me, in pretty broken English, that the paper looks good to them. They were borderline rude, to be honest. I don’t think so many reviews can get it wrong (mine included). SupremeDissertations doesn’t deserve more than the minimum score allowed here: a 2!

Delivery (5)

Delivery was somewhat on time. By somewhat, I mean 8 hours late. It could have been worse, I do agree. Again, many of the reviews I’ve read all over the Internet mentioned late delivery. This is simply unacceptable. I order a paper and expect it to be ready on the agreed upon date and time. I have to submit it to my professor, after all. When the paper arrives 8 hours late, it is basically useless. My professor has already penalized me. And keep in mind that students have to pay extra for quick delivery. review gets a 5 here, and just because it didn’t send the essay the following day.

Overall Experience (3)

I really have nothing positive to say about this “academic writing service.” Nothing. It has been a horrible experience for me. didn’t write a good essay, didn’t send it on time, and didn’t even bothered to reply to my emails or messages in a timely manner. The price was way too high and their services are pretty basic. My review reflects their complete disregard of the student’s needs and requirements. This writing service cannot be trusted. You will not get any kind of decent quality from them. And don’t expect to get your money back either. Overall Experience: a well-deserved 3!













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