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Quality (4)

Several of our readers pointed us to some very bad reviews. Of course, we immediately decided to write a review of our own about this service. Maybe it’s not so bad, we thought. Maybe some of the other students had their expectations set too high. After all, we rarely saw such negative reviews about an academic writing service. And you know what? They’re true, unfortunately. sent us a horrendous essay. And to be honest, the topic was pretty simple and straightforward. There was plenty of information online about the subject. There was no reason for the writer to fail this badly. But it’s clear the writer has zero experience writing academic content. And he’s not a native English speaker, that’s for sure. There were plenty of grammar and spelling mistakes that even a 7-year-old would have known how to avoid. Bottom line, the quality was terrible, so we can give the company just an F rating in our review.

Services (4)

There isn’t much we can say about services. As part of our review, we wanted to learn what this company can offer to its clients. It’s not much, to be honest. They promise to write any kind of essay, and that’s about it. They mention some editing services, but they refused us when we asked them about them. And let’s be realistic; SleekWriters can’t deliver any kind of editing and proofreading services. Why? Because it can’t even proofread and edit the work done by its own writers. We would have never hired the company for these services after seeing the quality of their essays. None of the other reviews mention any other services, so we can only conclude that this is everything this service has to offer. It doesn’t deserve more than an 3.

Prices (3)

The prices are very high. And we mean very, very high. Of course, when we analyze the prices of a writing service, we put a great emphasis on the quality of their work. Since the quality of this company’s work is close to zero (supported by many other reviews), we can only conclude that the price is way too high. It would take a lot of time to edit and proofread their work, and time is money in our opinion. This makes the price per page of this company unrealistic. We don’t believe anyone would pay this price for such low quality material. As such, we rate at an F for Prices.

Support (5)

In each review, we analyze the way the company handles its communications. We sent several emails and a couple messages to this writing service. We didn’t receive a reply to half of them, probably because the questions were a bit stingy. The replies we received were somewhat helpful, but they were clearly written by non-native English speakers. Even the emails contained various grammar and spelling errors. What can you expect from the writers in this case? But because we received some responses to our enquiries, we award SleekWriters its highest score yet: a 5!

Delivery (4)

You didn’t expect to deliver the paper on time, did you? Of course they didn’t! The essay was sent to us two days after the deadline. We were repeatedly lied to and told that the paper is almost ready. We were misled. Even worse, the writer didn’t even bother to explain himself. He simply sent that horrible essay and that was it. The customer support didn’t bother to answer when we asked if they consider this paper to be OK. The company receives an F here in our review, of course.

Overall Experience (4)

Truth be told, this company almost managed to get only Fs. Only the support department saved it with a C. SleekWriters is in no way a professional writing service. You simply can’t rely on writers who don’t know how to write and who deliver their work 2 days late. You won’t get any answers from the customer support department and the prices are way too high for this level of quality. None of the other reviews support this company, its services or its writers. Taking everything in consideration, we feel that this service doesn’t deserve more than an 4 for the Overall Experience rating.













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