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Writing services became somehow widespread, in fact, you can find several of them online. This write-up is all about the writing service provided by Several options are made available on their website like a built-in plagiarism checker, live chat system with the writer, as well as a preview of your paper. Everything is done through bidding. Writers who are available and interested can make a bid. You can then choose the most ideal writer to do the work according to the price. You have overall control about everything. They even have this mobile version which allows you to hire a writer on the eleventh hour and even on the go. Let us go over a few of these best options as advertised by

Quality – 6

This service includes many highlighted features. To begin with, they only recruit writers who have obtained higher credentials in various academic fields. Every writer has to send their application and provide credentials for assessment. Likewise, every writer has to go through a grammar assessment. Next, the grading system is based on the customer reviews made. Writers who have the most number of reviews, as well as for those excellent ones, can earn badges. A rating of 9.53 out of 10 is already considered as the average quality grade. Although, it is advisable to screen the available writers by going over their records, requesting for previous work and verifying references. Websites who depend only on customer reviews may turn out to be biased. Lastly, the built-in plagiarism checker will ensure you an original work.

Services – 7 provides effective set of services. Whether it’s about free samples or theses and everything else, can fulfil the task. It would be advisable to select writer who have background in the field for your paper. Many writers can assert themselves but not have the credentials to confirm their skills. When choosing for several aspects related to your paper, you have several choices to select from such as rewriting, editing, formatting and style. You can as well include thorough instructions. You can as well upload pertinent report. You may have control over things, but this will also require responsibility. The website states all responsibilities of the client and does not become directly involved in this phase.

Prices – 7

Fees are based on a bidding system. Writers can bid based on customer’s request. Clients can go over the writers’ reviews and profiles and go with the one they’d like to deal with. It is around this time that they discuss about the price.

The disadvantage of the bidding system is the fact that it can delay your project since it can take time to select the writer; thus, providing them limited time to begin the task. It is really recommended to allow ample writing time as much as possible to provide opportunity for any needed changes or modifications.

Moreover, make it a point to carefully go over the completed work before you confirm the payment. As soon as payment has been confirmed, no further changes or revisions can be made.

Support – 6

They have a huge team of writers and they also provide efficient customer assistance. They do have an FAQ link which addresses several common inquiries. There isn’t any 24/7 chat platform on their website. You may email them your concerns and wait for their feedback.

Delivery – 7

The deadline is one thing which you need to agree with the writer. The writer is aware of our deadline. You will have to deposit the funds which you’ll have to pay for the work but this payment won’t be released until you are completely happy with the work. Make it a point to carefully review the work prior to confirming the payment. As soon as payment has been confirmed, there is no option for revisions or changes. Others have mentioned about a 100% money back guarantee although this is only applicable before you have released the payment. As soon as payment has been made, you’ll have to go through an arduous process to obtain any resolution—during which time your paper may have been due.

Overall Experience – 6 is an all-inclusive writing company which provides various writing styles ranging from academic pieces to business proposals. They are supported by several client reviews and various standards to maintain the quality of the work delivered. Their arrangement gives you, the client, the overall control although you also have to ensure that you fulfil the needed responsibility to guarantee that you get the kind of work you are expecting as needed.













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