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Quality: 2

I was not happy with the quality of my originally written paper from These people even gave me topic suggestions and I went with one of the suggested subjects. I’m totally clueless when it comes to dissertations. I know that formatting a dissertation is not my strongest skill set so I knew I would need help. I opted to have a paper written from scratch with this company. This company boasts about having been in business for over a decade. They should have top notch professionals. But my paper looked like it had been composed by an amateur. There were so many grammatical errors. Also, the formatting and citations were not correct.

Services: 2 offers so many different services. I have not used them all, but I would be hesitant to try any more of their services and I will not be recommending them to others either. They have totally turned me off. The company offers essay writing, and consulting of dissertations. They also offer editing services. I know for sure that I will write my own paper next time or either go with another company altogether. I really don’t care about any of the other services this company offers.

Prices: 2

The price for this paper was way too high. Of course, I don’t feel like I got my money’s worth due to the quality being so low. However, these services are expensive regardless. Most of the users of these services are low-budget college students. If this paper had been excellent, I wouldn’t have minded paying this high price. But this was not the case. I had saved up for months to have this paper written. I thought I had chosen the perfect professional writing company, but I was wrong. That’s money that I wasted. I wasted time as well because I still had to go back and work on my own paper. The one I was provided was trash.

Support: 2

They boast about having online support available 24/7. Well, when I had questions, I was not answered right away. I guess this poor level of support goes hand in hand with everything else about this company. Totally disappointing. The representatives that I contacted were not very warm or friendly with their responses either. The website itself has pretty pictures and an elegant style font, but it is not an easy website to navigate. Also, there were some misleading reviews on the front page of the site. But I guess each person’s experience is different.

Delivery: 3

Perhaps the only decent thing about is the delivery. I received my paper on time. If it had arrived any later, I wouldn’t have had the time to review it or notice how messed up it really was. Receiving my paper in a timely manner gave me time to make the necessary changes and tweaks it took before turning in it to my department for a grade. It’s sad that I had to fix it myself, but the prompt delivery is the best thing about my whole experience with this company.

Overall Experience: 2.2

My experience with was all bad. I would not recommend this company to anyone. I learned my lesson. The next time I will try harder to write my own paper. Or I will use another writing company. I wasted my money with these people and still had to do my own tweaking and editing of this paper. The company offers revisions, but the work was so bad that I didn’t even trust them to touch my paper any further. So that’s my honest review of I earned my degree, but no thanks to this company at all.













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            • Stalin says:

              The site looks great, shot out to their webdesigners at But everything else sucks ass, from their rude support to the quality of papers. STAY AWAY my fellow comrades

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