Choose an interesting topic about dependence on technology

Technology is one of those fun hands-on classes where you get to explore and learn new things. However, you may be assigned a persuasive essay on technology. If this is the case, do not fear. You can write a paper that clearly expresses a certain point. But the key is to first pick a subject or point that will grab your reader’s interest and really teach them something new. Some examples of good topics are: how technology can harm the mind, how technology will affect job security in the future, how technological advances have affected the medical world in a positive way, society and dependency on technology. The list is endless, you can choose from existing topics or come up with a persuasive issue that you are personally passionate about.

Understand persuasive essay

Many college students today have a dependence on technology, but just how well can they write about it? The more you understand about persuasive essays, the better off your paper will be. First off this type of essay is a paper that argues a specific point. It takes a certain subject matter of opinion and uses research and facts to drive that point home. This should be pretty easy to do when you have a strong interest or opinion on a certain subject matter in technology. Get a good idea of who your audience will be. Explore ways to persuade them to see things your way. The main point of your paper is called a thesis. The first step is to decide what your thesis is. From there you can gather the necessary research tools and get to proving your point.

Structuring your paper about society and technology

Once you know your position on the topic and have your tools, you can then begin to structure your paper. For most college papers, it helps to first create an outline. The basic structure of a paper is: intro, body, and conclusion. Your intro introduces your thesis. The body contains all the meat and potatoes of your point. The conclusion sums it up in a neat little bow. Be sure to know which writing and citing style your professor requires. It might be MLA or APA style. It is very important that you follow the guidelines because it will affect your grade. Keep in mind that if you need to get help it is always good to read reviews. You will find them on

Other things to include in your essay on are we too dependent on technology

To make your paper as legitimate as possible, you want to add a things like true statistics, proven facts, excerpts and quotes from real and relevant sources. This is where the research part comes in. You want to be able to perfectly back up everything you express in your thesis. These things will prove to your audience how believable your point is. Of course, you cannot just spew your opinions out and not have any outside material to back up your claims. You need to draw people in to believe everything that you believe. Show them how your main point is important and true. Get creative and pull out all the stops! You will find it fun and will learn a lot along the way yourself.

After you are done with constructing your paper, you can always have it looked over by a paper or a tutor to make sure everything is edited correctly. Perhaps a few more drafts will, give it that perfect touch. Writing a great paper is simple when your follow these tips. You will certainly earn an impressive score and move ahead in your class. Then you will know how to write these essays in the future as well.