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Quality: 3

My dissertation was ok. It was satisfactory but not excellent. I purchased a new, originally composed dissertation. It had good grammar and the flow was decent. I just think that more research and data could have been placed into the paper. This is my only true complaint about the quality. My dissertation was about the history of gun laws. I think the professional writer could have added more historical examples into the text. But otherwise, the quality of this project was decent enough. But there was room for improvement for sure. I appreciate that the paper was 100% original, which is what they guarantee. My dissertation was brand new and had no signs of plagiarism.

Services: 4 has other useful services as well. The website states that they offer assignment writing and essay writing of various fields and subjects. I imagine that students of all backgrounds ad fields would find help here. The process of getting started with ordering a paper is pretty simple. You sign up, give the details of your assignment, pay your total, and then receive your purchase when it is ready. I appreciated the ease of that process.

Prices: 4

Since I am a student with limited funds, affordability is very important to me. The pricing levels depend on education level and deadline length. The farther your deadline is, the cheaper your rate will be. This is a pretty good deal. I made my purchase several weeks ahead of the deadline just to prepare myself. For what I paid, I guess I can deal with the mediocre quality paper that I received. I still passed my dissertation and in the process, did not go broke. It’s a good thing I didn’t make my purchase a day before the deadline or I would have paid more.

Support: 5

The support from was pretty good. The helpful representatives always responded to me in a timely fashion. They chatted with me when I needed it and answered any questions or concerns that I had. I had to explain the details of my assignment about 3 times, which was my only complaint, but it was minor. Once they understood what I was asking for, it calmed my nerves and gave me peace of mind. I would describe their support level as being average but satisfactory.

Delivery: 5

The dissertation was delivered on time, but I was hoping to receive it early in the morning. It’s a good thing they sent it before noon, or it would have been a bit late. This is something I would change about the delivery. But I guess the writer was still working on it. I’m just pleased that it arrived on the set due date. Included was a friendly note from the writer which explained how pleasurable it was to service me. This was a warm touch that perked me up.

Overall Experience: 4.2

Overall my experience was ok. I don’t usually settle for mediocrity, but in this case, I had no choice since I did not complete my own assignment. offers an array of writing services, but I think I’ve been motivated to work on my own papers going forward. It is risky having papers written. You never know what you’re going to get. However, my experience was tolerable. The prices were decent, and I received a paper that wasn’t perfect but got the job done. I would only recommend this company to students who might be looking for a quick, mediocre, passing paper. For higher quality work, I would look elsewhere.














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