Orderyouressay.com Review

Orderyouressay.com Review
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Quality: (4)

Do not believe the advertisements on orderyouressay.com because the quality is not up to the mark. I checked the many reviews and expected an above average product – I should have been alerted at this time. It was definitely a red flag and I should have paid attention. Do not get me wrong. The paper I received was of average quality. I could have easily written one myself. I am quite annoyed because I had gone through several orderyouressay.com reviews and most of them were positive. I should have spent more time on going through other reviews.

Services: (1)

Orderyouressay.com website layout is truly frustrating and annoyed me completely. I had to spend a lot of time and gave a lot of effort to find the simple list of their services. I scrolled all over till I was able to locate what I was looking for. I tried to know about the cost on orderyouressay.com – unfortunately I did not receive any clear answers. This is also a red flag – businesses should be aware that this is not the right kind of business to rely.

Prices: (1)

I thought the prices would be fair, after having to deal with so many problems and inconvenience. The price to get an essay done would certainly be a lot more than I thought. Students do not have so much money to spend. I would give pricing a ‘1’ as it has put me in a really bad place financially for that particular week. The quality of work received also did not make me happy. I did not receive what I wanted. I really do not know why I am actually writing this review.

Support: (1)

I spoke to their support team and told them how dissatisfied I was. I had read one review and expected that there will be no help from them. When I read the review, I did not actually believe that I would need to get in touch with them. I was totally wrong. I would definitely complain about their lack of support in orderyouressay.com review. All I could hear from the support team was that ‘we are sorry but there is nothing we can actually do.’ That is not all. It took them a lot of time to get back to me – their advertised 48 hours is definitely not working. I am totally unhappy and decided to rate them as 1, even rating them 1 is quite generous on my part.

Delivery: (4)

I was delivered the document perfect on time. It was delivered to be in standard format. I was again disappointed because in every orderyouressay.com review, I had read all positive things about the product which is delivered. I can say the product was delivered on time and I received what I paid for. However, I was still not happy because I did not get the true value of money spent.

Overall Experience: (2.2)

In my orderyouressay.com review, I will say that overall I am quite disappointed. The website was not friendly and I had to spend plenty of time navigating. In order to find answers to my queries, I had to spend a lot of time looking for answers. The product which was delivered to me was of average quality. The method of delivery too was standard. I did not find the customer support team quite helpful. There is no scope for money getting refunded and the support team can actually not do anything. I conclude this review by saying that do not trust this company. They will not deliver what they promise. It is better to hire some other company and get your work done.
















            • jaxtaylor says:

              orderyouressay isn’t bad. But if I wasn’t in hurry I would have hired a better service with lower prices.

            • ququ says:

              this reviewer is too damn strict. i mean my paper sucked too but at least give the guys some credit for the design of their website

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