Optimalresume.com Review

Optimalresume.com Review
2.71 (54.29%) 7 votes

RankNameQualityPricingSupportUsabilityDeliveryOverall Experience 
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Quality: 7

The overall quality was okay. The resume I had received after having sent all my information to my writer was decent. I mean, it wasn’t as flashy as I had hoped but it looked okay. The style was average and it didn’t stand out as much as I would’ve liked but oh well. So far it hasn’t been able to help me land a job but it’s still too early to tell. When I read the reviews I guess I was over-enthused about what OptimalResume could do for me. That was my mistake.

Services: 5

I wasn’t too impressed with the service…especially the first impression. OptimalResume.com itself looks quite corporate-y and I felt a bit uneasy while I was signing up for their services (again I was in a hurry to find anyone to help). The customer service was polite enough, however, when I asked them where I could find some Optimalresume.com reviews. The reviews themselves were easy to read and made sense. The writer I picked was polite but was a bit slow to respond to my requests. I needed my CV ready as soon as possible so that I could start job hunting. I don’t think my writer was aware of that…hence the score of ‘5’ on my review.

Prices: 4

The prices could’ve been more affordable to be honest. I’ve just finished college and naturally don’t have much money or income. I felt that the prices didn’t empathize with what new grads were going through (or maybe it’s just me.) When I checked the many reviews about OptimalResume.com I read that prices were flexible. Yes they were but perhaps because I needed something as quickly as possible it meant paying premium prices. I’m surprised that no one talked about that on their OptimalResume.com reviews…

Support: 6

I really liked OptimalResume’s customer support team. They were quick to answer and their messages were friendly enough. Sadly they didn’t quite seem able to help me with my pricing problem. I had told them if there was any way to make the products more affordable given that the only major thing I needed for my resume was that it would be done quickly. There was nothing they could do on that and I really didn’t feel like they tried as hard as they could so…I’m giving them just a 6 on my review.

Delivery: 5

The delivery time was okay. It was within the deadline that I had could afford to assign (which was posted on the Optimalresume website so no surprises there). I wished that the writer could have responded to me quicker so that it could’ve been delivered faster. I’m very reluctant to give it more than a passing grade on my Optimalresume.com review, again because I really needed something done faster.

Overall Experience: 5.4

To be honest, my experience with Optimalresume.com was just okay. It felt like a typical company with no perks or flexibility to please the customer. The customer service was polite and tried to be helpful. The writer was a nice guy with a good background. What I had read about him was consistent…except that he took longer than I would’ve liked to correspond with me. Basically I was running out of time so I needed to pick a company quickly. I read a few reviews from various writing companies and ultimately chose this one. In retrospect I wish that I had given myself more time to go into each Optimalresume.com review more carefully. Still, I got my resume done and it was good enough for me to start applying for jobs with it.















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